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Tricker`s Ilkley featuring Commando soles. Going price under 200 quid. ( Figure another $100 for the trees. ) Discuss
The more or less tolerable LV shoes start north of $900. And we're only talking loafers here @ that dollar point. Another trademark LV thing seems to be the tweaking of the look of their shoes which leans towards funky. They don't want you to mix up their product with anybody else's, I gather.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Sorry, I took "ugly" from "gruesome shades." A shame, because I really like my Sanders for E.T. Wright double monks. Confucius say: Every pot will find its lid Believe it or not, but they did have double monks on the floor. In a pleasant shade of diarrhea
I suspect sysdoc has been yanking everybody's anchor )))) Submitting Exhibit A
I didn't say they were " ugly " Rather unispiring ? Absolutely Remember, these days you have plasticky Pradas going for $625. Even though they may come unglued should you dog happen piss into them
Bloomies now carries Sanders. But don't get excited just yet They're clunky, corrected grain and come in various gruesome shades. On the plus side is $325 retail, goodyear and English manufacture.
Matt, whatever keeps your ventilator spinning I seriously dig that color, btw
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing While I like the style--for casual wear--the sole treatment seems a bit slap-dash. Have you seen that east asian apprentice - or 3 - working in Rob's shop ? Well, there's your hint ))))
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