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Speaking of Obama's - cough - balls, one day he's cutting them off, the next: my-son-and-Barak-go-way-way-way-back. I don't get it
Amir Taheri is something you'd find in your stool. But that's for another thread... Jesse 'I'm Somebody' Jackson didn't happen to be referring to zionist Biden ?
LK, you killed me without a knife Matt, smiling takes 10 years off you just like that The jacket on the guy who looks like Bernie McGuirk is OFF THE DIAL
This oughta serve as a textbook example on how to profesionally package your product for all the high-end shoe producers out there. Rather than selling me hand-finished shoes for $1500-plus, then sending me on an extended journey of trying to find a more or less matching cream P.S. The workmanship that went into completing the box alone takes the biscuit
Just to balance out the homo angle introduced by Vox. Now, whichever one blows up your skirt - so to speak
After production of 500Es had run its course, Porsche switched to making this mental family wagon on their freed up Zuffenhausen assembly line
@ Kiton gruls do ties and shirts
@ fritzl Do you remember the 500E that Porsche made for MB ? That rig was insane in the brain
That only .0001% of the population might've heard of Patek is spectacularly awesome in my book Paying for one in £ would've been best around the time when the exchange rate hovered around $2.05. BTW, Patek has a model that comes in a platinum housing which looks fairly low-key. Trouble is, it sells for 80 large
(Originally posted by Scott, if I recall.)
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