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Got these off Tom's site
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Menswear won't "fold" unless DNR does, which isn't going to happen. You talkin' to me ?
As irony would have it, pre-Ford Jags were, in fact, atrociously unreliable. For details see A-port.
Wasn't Ercolino said to be contracting the actual work out to English makers ?
Visual Aids "R" Us
I wonder how many prospective buyers of that car even know what Tiburon is or looks like
Their summer issue was supposed to hit the shelves by late May, but never did. I grabbed the B & N on-duty manager, who after searching their internal database, said to me that title woudn't even come up So is that it for them ?
Today I'm picking up some brew ( new Moretti lager is out, btw ) , and on the bottom shelf they have this row of bottles from countries you won't normally associate with a tradition of beer brewing excelence. So this Indian beer features on the label a fearsome-looking dood in a turban, and next to the name ( which I forget ) it says in capital letters " EXPORT QUALITY"
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