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How much radiation do individuals operating and/or being in vicinity of "backscatter machine" get exposed to ? You just wait till those lawsuits start pouring in.
Those shooz have seen more action that Madona's cookie jar. I won't pay $5 for them.
@ Pio The pin is going to say: I'm America, and so can you !
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Israel manages to keep their planes in the air without this stuff. Why not model off them? Question frequently brought up by people on the Right. A. Israel has a fleet of 4 & ½ planes as opposed to us. 2. Israel is free to conduct racial profiling under Flying While Gentile program. 3. Israel is spared the prospect of having to ligitage with the likes of ACLU, B'nai B'rith, La Raza, NAACP,...
Brit car journalists are a joke. They never miss an opportunity to shyt all over American iron regardless of whether justified or not. All the while singing praises to Jaguar products irrespective of what stage of foreign ownership the company happens to be @ any given time. Talk about irony. The one guy of theirs whom I used to take seriously was the late L. J. K. Setright.
Have you seen the flotsam and jetsam of humanity that feds hire to fill those security personnel positions ? These cretins make your average fresh-off-the-boat NYC cabbie look like a faculty member @ MIT Computer Science Dept.
There is no bigger threat to America's aviation industry than the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In less than a decade, the bureaucratic agency has heightened the hassle involved in taking to the skies. One can only imagine how much longer it will be before the majority of Americans decide they'd be better off hitting the highways. Consider TSA's recent $440 million stimulus-funded rush to deploy so-called advanced imaging technology (AIT) scanners at...
What's the definition of "fast" ? 0-30 or 0-60 or 0-100 or max speed ? You don't suppose a V10-equipped M5 will run away from a M1 ? But yes, lighter cars tend to be more nimble than their heavier counterparts.
By the time you add wall mount, sales tax, labor and delivery - you'd be looking @ $6K tab for a 120hz 46" LCD with magic sound. According to their manager the target audience for this sort of product would big city apartment dwellers who refuse to go thru the clusterfuckery of doing conventional HT tailored to such environment.
< Cough Dana Mosher in Newton Center. Cough> Don't be crept out by strange old men who might periodically emerge from the basement of the store. Dana is a good guy who knows his shyt. He himself brings up the issue of discounts for multi-piece purchases, btw.
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