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The Darltons I tried in the store were stiffer than Mel Gibson @ a Let Zion Live fundraiser. The $1000 cordo boot which was brought down next for me to try, felt like something Lefty Ruggiero would fit his "clients". In the end I said: The hell with it and the bargain price. I'm not going to ruin my feet just to have Darltons checked off on my SF cred form.
The Lopez pair is delicious in person. I didn't want to pay MSRP hoping my size would make it to the end-of-season sale. Yeah, some freaking day I believe they retail for under $1200
Now that the charming MA fall is finally here, I went looking for a pair of knockaround shoes and stumbled upon these puppies. Malvern by AE on dainite soles. Got so impressed by their A&S/C&J-ish look and workmanship that ended up paying full retail
B&W soundbar retails for $2200 and isn't subject to mark downs. Who the fick these people think they are ? Meridian ?
Let's hear some suggestions for shaving creams and aftershave balms or lotions which lack the following man-made shyte that my bloodstream can do without: Methylparaben Propylparaben Butylparaben Ethylparaben Isobutylparaben Phenoxyethanol Benzyl Salicylate Tetrasodium EDTA Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate And other such unmentionables. P.S. Organic products have been tried multiple times without much success as they failed to work up adequate lather...
Here in Mass a certain shop was hired by Ralph Lifshitz to restore something simiiar to this late 1930-s Alfa. They did a spectacular job considering near absence of any documentation and/or jumping-off point as the "base" vehicle constituted a handful of rusted parts. I was told those sorta projects start @ 1/2 million dollars and might rapidly blow the roof off.
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