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@ Rambo I know of Perry. It was nice of him to fick his former employer in the ass with that new all-natural line of rival products @Rikkar501 It says that protein and menthol ingredients could be either/or. Meaning, certain packages would have real stuff - others would have synthetic substitute. So good luck with that one.
Mini HT rolled into TV minus dvd player.
Did you catch they're using synthetic protein, menthol and so on ? Why would you want that shyt absorbed into your skin ?
I wished they'd used a professional Panasonic plasma panel. Rather than shitty 120hz LCD technology from Gawd knows what year. The amount of sound this system produces probably could fill a space the size of a school auditorium. Simply ridiculous.
Well, kids, they don't build MBs the way they used to. MB-Tex ficken seats, undertaker's office interiors, cheap plastics that smell like an industrial incinerator, egg white-like clearcoat, shitty sound systems and on and on. You want to get 4-door MB built to once famous MB standards ? Expect to step up $$$$$$ to an S-Class.
At least with M3 motor you no longer have to fear the ficken HPFP might take sudden retirement on you while you're going 80MPH in rush-hour highway traffic.
Thanks to EU laws, manufactures can 90% assemble products across 7 seas - then bring them to the continent for finishing and country of origin tag application The rumor that BB has been importing its higline of shooz from India has been floating around for years.
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