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There doesn't seem to be a fucking end to the stream of these sorta reports coming out of Wahhabistan. Do they EVER get laid ?
Friend of mine was flying in with wifey and kids to visit mother-in-law in Israel. Got yanked from the line. The security broad deemed unkosher a couple of stamps in the back of his passport. End up spending about 45 minutes on a back-n-forth. They didn't seem to give a radical shi'ite that he was a diaspora Jew arriving on a family matter. Now imagine if you're an under 30 single male traveling alone and your name is Abdul-Hakim. Better have a fucking helmet handy ...
16 November 2010 Indonesian president condemns Saudi torture of maid Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has demanded justice for the "extraordinary torture" of an Indonesian maid in Saudi Arabia. Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, 23, is in a stable condition in hospital. Her injuries include gashes to her face and cuts to her lips, allegedly inflicted by her employers using scissors. She was also burned with an iron, officials say. A senior member...
If anybody wants to use pre-shave oil then consider Jojoba Oil option. Relatively inexpensive with almost a neutral scent.
These type of random pat-downs of Caucasian grandmothers and/or nuns are meant to assuage muslim paranoia about being singled out. Products of the ever fertile mind of our public servants
Speaking of Tata.
Back end is ghosts of PSA. Front end was penned by a Ssangyong designer on meth. Middle part is meh. Don't much care for the interior either. Whoever among the upper brass decided to abandon classic British look in favor of current design abortions, should be exiled to North Korea.
I bought them back when they were a catalog item for about 1/3 of then retail price. Never wore those Fairfaxes outside due to funky shape, though. Suppose one can take them for a whirl wearing a pair of jeans.
I understand the factory store is a shoebox - pardon the pun. So how do they manage to process 100-plus customers hanging around the entrance unless each one is allotted X number of minutes to pick a product and complete transaction ? In terms re-sellers, if some guy grabs a dozen pairs all in various sizes - there is your giveaway.
New Posts  All Forums: