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@ somatoform That link you poasted doesn't give me a good vibe. First off, they redflag every ingredient under the name "alcohol". Whereas synthetic alcohol will blind you before causing a horrible death full of anguish and despair - its grain-based cousin won't. So why would a manufacturer that travels across 7 seas to source herbal ingredients for its products decide to cut corners for a single one ? Another thing they flip out over is the mention of "fragrance" on the...
Somehow I knew this thread was going to wind up in a complimentary Chemistry 090 class Yes, we're made up of chemicals, and yes, certain natural chemicals will kill you quicker than a stack of artificially colored and scented twinkies. My point is that petroleum-based ingredients used by the cosmetic industry - are bad for you. In that our system wasn't designed to process them or their kind. Now before anybody gives me another newsflash - yes, I'm aware that...
Dude, I'm not pushing this thing on anyone. Matter of fact, your correspondent is a long suffering user of BOSE automotive products.
↑↑ It had to take 24 pages for to you to conclude that ? Welcome to the Internets ®
Those BB monks are on last 240 and feel pretty weird in the instep.
No, connected as in
Go to your neighborhood friendly BOSE showroom and ask for a demo.
My favorite poast by Fooster was where he was arguing with the Shirtmaker to the Stars over the relative value of the latter's product vis-à-vis wholesale price of jojoba oil in the domestic market of Gabon vis-à-vis number of squirrels on-the-wheel required to maintain electrical current for the duration of an average Cirque de Soleil performance. That was some priceless shyt
Bob Cavalli looks like he might be connected.
The quality of paint, leather, seat padding on those 1980-s Mercedes coupes and sedans warranted giving up your left nut for.
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