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Back end is ghosts of PSA. Front end was penned by a Ssangyong designer on meth. Middle part is meh. Don't much care for the interior either. Whoever among the upper brass decided to abandon classic British look in favor of current design abortions, should be exiled to North Korea.
I bought them back when they were a catalog item for about 1/3 of then retail price. Never wore those Fairfaxes outside due to funky shape, though. Suppose one can take them for a whirl wearing a pair of jeans.
I understand the factory store is a shoebox - pardon the pun. So how do they manage to process 100-plus customers hanging around the entrance unless each one is allotted X number of minutes to pick a product and complete transaction ? In terms re-sellers, if some guy grabs a dozen pairs all in various sizes - there is your giveaway.
Those shooz have seen more action that Madona's cookie jar. I won't pay $5 for them.
Brit car journalists are a joke. They never miss an opportunity to shyt all over American iron regardless of whether justified or not. All the while singing praises to Jaguar products irrespective of what stage of foreign ownership the company happens to be @ any given time. Talk about irony. The one guy of theirs whom I used to take seriously was the late L. J. K. Setright.
What's the definition of "fast" ? 0-30 or 0-60 or 0-100 or max speed ? You don't suppose a V10-equipped M5 will run away from a M1 ? But yes, lighter cars tend to be more nimble than their heavier counterparts.
By the time you add wall mount, sales tax, labor and delivery - you'd be looking @ $6K tab for a 120hz 46" LCD with magic sound. According to their manager the target audience for this sort of product would big city apartment dwellers who refuse to go thru the clusterfuckery of doing conventional HT tailored to such environment.
< Cough Dana Mosher in Newton Center. Cough> Don't be crept out by strange old men who might periodically emerge from the basement of the store. Dana is a good guy who knows his shyt. He himself brings up the issue of discounts for multi-piece purchases, btw.
Why would BMW release M1 fully aware that it undercuts M3 not merely in terms of cost but performance as well ? How will it justify commanding a $20K premium for M3 then ? Another argument I don't grasp is that Joe Bob bought a given make and model purely on the basis of the latter's badge. What other rivals in the segment can compete with M3 that Joe Bob deliberately overlooked ? MB C63 is a a freaking shoebox. The only time I can fit into those buckets is when I'm...
Apparently Weleda is, in fact, a Swiss outfit. I've got one product made in ze France, another Swiss-made and the shaving cream is from zee Germany. Go figure
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