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Halle Berry has been back on the market for months now. How many did that bit of news manage to set off ?
Though I'm not much of a vodka drinker these days, back when I was (late 90-s) this was some quality shyt. Incidentally, my subsequent attempt (1st bottle straight from Russia, 2nd from Brooklyn) warranted an extended stay @ a vomitorium
I always mix up my ze Frenchmen
I tried a couple made-in-Poland vodkas that turned out an utter shyte. One grain-based, the other potato-based. The latter was particularly awful. Polish dill pickles are ridiculously awesome and blow the German stuff and NYC-style kosher pickles out of the water. (Though in fairness, a few times I did have seriously sick kosher pickles of molosol variety.) As irony would have it, Polish sauerkraut tends to taste better than all the German ones I've tried.
Few makers are willing to disclose on product label whether or not the content is a blend or a straight oil based on a single variety olives. I just hate being kept in the dark. Many of the cheap "extra virgin olive oils" sold via supermarket chains are, in fact, blends made up of oils collected from - literary - all over the freaking map. You may find oils from Tunisia, Spain, Turkey and Greece packed in the same bottle. Even blends constituting a collection of various...
I recall when Chinese car makers (forget which) tried to enter EU market. What a fucking debacle that ended up turning into. Prospective models damn near getting squashed during EU mandated crush testing.
If anybody wants to use pre-shave oil then consider Jojoba Oil option. Relatively inexpensive with almost a neutral scent.
Speaking of Tata.
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