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Quote: Originally Posted by jjl5000 AS Moore (to handgrade spec) on the 19 last in burnished chestnut... and the same again in vintage cherry on the 48 last... and finally, latest MTO boots from EG in olive / loden suede / chestnut... Priapism
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco I feel that a majority of hostility against the Chinese is fear of the potential and capabilities of the Chinese. Were they handing out special pins @ the Glory to China rally you just came back from ? Car makers in Japan who've been @ it for over 50 years, to this day haven't quite figured out the art of suspension tuning.
CNN will begin to us words like "kuffar" not before Chris Matthews leaves his lovely and gracious wife Kathleen for Michele Bachmann.
This arrangement has been in the works for a for awhile now. Prior to the crisis when oil was touching $150 mark murmurs were heard in the Kremlin as to the wisdom of accumulating stacks and stacks of mostly worthless US$ A proposal was floated but later shelved to begin to price future Russian energy exports in roubles.
Saudi king has back surgery in New York By the CNN Wire Staff November 24, 2010 New York (CNN) -- King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia underwent successful back surgery Wednesday, according to a statement from the Saudi Royal Court. The king traveled to the United States earlier this week for treatment in New York for a herniated spinal disc and a blood clot that was causing him back pain, Saudi state media reported. King Abdullah, 86, had named Crown Prince...
*ACHTUNG* Consumer Unfriendly Pricing Ahead Organic Peanut Oil @ $64/gallon (Spectrum) Organic Toasted Sesame Oil @ $95/gallon (Spectrum) Toasted Sesame Oil @ $178/gallon (Boyajian) Pure Rice Bran Oil @ $70/gallon (Loriva) Avocado Oil @ $112/gallon (WF private label) Avocado Oil @ $136/gallon (La Tourangelle) Mac Nut Oil @ $152/gallon (Macadamia Oils of Australia)
The Democrat Party, had they had their way, would've made it illegal for you to smoke in the presence of your children within the confines of your own property ! On the flip side, you've got the Retardicans with their chronic RonaldReagan® ...errrr... daddy issues, Defense of Homeland drumbeat (are we in Bolshevik Russia ?) and general thick-skullness. The two so-called parties are, in essence, trying to outdo each other when it comes to denying you more of your...
I detest duck with intensity of a thousand suns. When even farm-raised varieties manage to come out gamey as hell, what does that tell you ? I won't go into the texture of duck meat which boasts all the tenderness of an old bicycle tire. Recall the calamitous experience of once buying $24/lb smoked duck breast by D'Artagnan As far as lamb is concerned, 90% of people who stand behind supermarket meat counter haven't got the faintest ficken idea what they're mumbling...
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 I would recommend trying to source reliable brands that practice organic farming, free of GM and hormone usage. Or making your own is pretty easy if you cook a lot of meat on a regular basis. Dartagnan.com sells a wide array of humanely raised, organic meat. I just made a batch of duck fat from one of their Moulard duck breasts. It made the best fried potatoes you'll ever have. They sell some as well:...
Gang, I completely neglected to mention Jambon De Bayonne. Ze French take on theme prischute ® Fair bit milder and very pleasant. Take it for a spin, you'll like it.
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