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Level of craftsmanship should've been obvious to you prior to handing them money. Kee-tawn ties while not spectacular, are very decent. Patterns are rare, and the silks hold up more or less well. Pricing - which is a whole nother story - has gone from ridiculous to plain idiotic. Some resellers are asking as much as $275 these days. On the flip side, next to Stefano Ricci that is a bargain.
Can we try and somehow work Sarah Palin into this thread ? Thanx
I wonder if shops @ Wilkes Bashford. Her hubby is supposed to be a big timer with diverse business interests.
'Wikileaks documents show Turkey helped al-Qaida' By JPOST.COM STAFF Report: Documents expected to be leaked allege that Turkey allowed citizens smuggle weapons into Iraq, US helped Kurdish terrorists. Wikileaks is planning to release files that show Turkey has helped al-Qaida in Iraq, according to London-based daily Al-Hayat. The newspaper also reported that the US helped the PKK, a Kurdish rebel organization. One of the documents, a US military report,...
What was the name of the self-designated expert on all things islamic who used to jump into every threak containing word "muslin" on here ? Perhaps he can - cough - correct me, but so far as I remember Islamic doctrine holds that he who is born to a muslim father himself becomes a muslim. By default.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 this is as gold as some of the comments that gets posted on MC. The Japanese literally taught the Europeans how to combine sporty handling with drivability. Was that before they introduced Europeans to the concept of eating with a fork or after ?
How is that different from when Saddam had to prove he didn't possess nukes which he didn't possess which he had to prove that he didn't ? Meantime the affirmative side was free to sit around and scratch its sack.
Next to that 3rd shift gas station attendant Sarah, Mitt comes off as a fucking Heraclitus. Among his liabilities are crazier-than-usual religious affiliation, flip-floppiness and the fact the guy is more slippery than Anal Eaze.
No funny accents, big timer businessman, semi-credible gig as a governor of a state which levies property tax on autos and boats, plus sets insurance rates for the industry. Please meet Mr. Magic Underpants.
In these twisted times, the notion of "value" has long been tossed out of the window. Products assembled by cheap overseas labor © Lou Dobbs bearing premium price tags render all references to "value" moot. Why should I feel any better knowing that Rotel, Apple, Arcam, Denon/Marantz actually own their manufacturing facilities in China ? So long as the savings down get passed along to the consumer.
New Posts  All Forums: