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Level of craftsmanship should've been obvious to you prior to handing them money. Kee-tawn ties while not spectacular, are very decent. Patterns are rare, and the silks hold up more or less well. Pricing - which is a whole nother story - has gone from ridiculous to plain idiotic. Some resellers are asking as much as $275 these days. On the flip side, next to Stefano Ricci that is a bargain.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 this is as gold as some of the comments that gets posted on MC. The Japanese literally taught the Europeans how to combine sporty handling with drivability. Was that before they introduced Europeans to the concept of eating with a fork or after ?
In these twisted times, the notion of "value" has long been tossed out of the window. Products assembled by cheap overseas labor © Lou Dobbs bearing premium price tags render all references to "value" moot. Why should I feel any better knowing that Rotel, Apple, Arcam, Denon/Marantz actually own their manufacturing facilities in China ? So long as the savings down get passed along to the consumer.
Properly installed fake tits > ugly-ass natural tits. Triple monks spell an overkill and one more strap to end up breaking off.
I still have the Miele vac. Apart from being zee German-engineered (probably assembled by some guy named Mehmet) and NOT subject to retail mark-downs (say hello to BOSE), I fail to see what the fuss is about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Mazda MX-5? Nissan GT-R? And a whole heap of other cars that handle damn well - much better than most of the products churned out by the US car companies. The handling aspect they've more or less gotten a grip on. What they struggle @ is combining firm, sporty handling with comfy ride. More so when the patch of rubber separating wheel from pavement gets thinner and thinner.
@ Fran Aren't stand-alone VCs aimed @ small timer market ? I should imagine for a guy who's into Krell, Mark Levinson and Lexicon-type gear to be using one of those semi-industrial models meant to be housed in the basement. Where every floor of the property boasts a dedicated port to which you simply attach a vacuum hose on a need-to basis. Instead of conventional bags, all the accumulated crap gets channeled downstairs and into dedicated vacuum storage in the basement.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjl5000 AS Moore (to handgrade spec) on the 19 last in burnished chestnut... and the same again in vintage cherry on the 48 last... and finally, latest MTO boots from EG in olive / loden suede / chestnut... Priapism
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco I feel that a majority of hostility against the Chinese is fear of the potential and capabilities of the Chinese. Were they handing out special pins @ the Glory to China rally you just came back from ? Car makers in Japan who've been @ it for over 50 years, to this day haven't quite figured out the art of suspension tuning.
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