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+1 on Love and Rockets. Spent many an evening err... Zoning... Out on Yin Yang and the flowerpot man. Good stuff.
this thread is needin a little more DCHC. Dag Nasty- Values Here 1986
Hey all. Did a search. Found nothing. Will be taking colleague out to dinner tomorrow night in Austin, Tx. Need recommendations for restaurant with quiet ambience/suited for business meeting. Will be staying at the Hilton Austin on 4th street if that helps. Thanks SFers!
Jeff Goldberg is a certified idiot..... Like most writers at the Atlantic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I predate the internet. I go back to 'Load "Pitstop",8,1' Word.
The one that fits.
Thanks Globe. I really hesitiated in posting this. Nothing says "thread killer" like losing a child. But I figured I should delurk and post it.
Deciding to take my firstborn off her ventilator.
She's only happy when it rains, apparently.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg That's what it's come down to. I was told this morning that they looked into it and couldn't cover travel. I made the offer that if I accepted the position, I would be happy to have the cost of the flight come out of my first paycheck. They again replied that they were unable to cover travel under any circumstances. If they're asking me to pay, it's only right that they should have a fairly high level of confidence...
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