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Posts by EricE. pretty great deal!
btw. once Peter has your measurements you can order via email and he sends everything to your home address
go to peterlee. i have been there and paid 280 HKD for a shirt made from their own material (which is quite limited, but the basics are there) he adds MOP buttons for an extra of 80HKD i think and he makes a great collar (just be precise in what you want and ask for a soft collar) I dont know about other tailors in HK but would STRONGLY advise against thailand tailors. I have tried some it and was really dissapointing, even though prices were a bit above Peter Lee. All...
careful! just get a nice sportcoat (cashmere, tweed, wool, whatever) and get a nice slim downvest. --> MUCH MORE VERSATILE and probably a lot cheaper (you said that the sportcoats were pretty expensive) and simple tweed or wool - sometimes even cashmere mix - can be found for cheap. also the downvest. those guys have quite some examples just click through their tumblr. Cheers, Eric
either way, great shoes enjoy them
I dont know what boot you are talking about, as they have quite a few... I put topys on my lowndes so i can wear them in rainy weather, but not really winter-snow-slush weather. You need to see what kind of winter climate you live in and adapt
i have that shoe in dark brown...wear it with a navy suit or with jeans, either way the shoe looks good. You should though, try the shoe on before buying, as the 348 last may look too elongated for you. otherwise, you won't regret the purchase, trust me
for anyone looking for a cheaper option than original lardini OR strasburgo: I am selling self made flowers. they are not as "perfect" as the lardini ones, but pretty cheap considering the handwork I put in there. here is the link edit: just saw that I replied to a one year old threat! sorry for bumping it
So yeah, I just added the "original" style that OP asked for. Going to add some more colors over the time. Cheers, Eric HERE:
I am working on them at the moment , but they are a lot harder to make, as it is pretty hard to figure out the right proportions plus they are pretty small making sewing a bit more difficult.I think, in a couple of days, I will have it figured out and then they will be up for sale cheers,Eric
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