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Welted hand warmer pockets?I could use some advice on how to handle my first disgruntled buyer. I just recently started selling more than once every few months, and I was somehow selling under the global shipping program. I think I've figured out how to limit sales to US/Canada, but some shoes I just sold were to a buyer in Germany.He has now opened a case against me on ebay.de for item not as described, and claims the leather is torn and that they are not in good...
It's interesting to note the abundance of double breasted suits in this thread. I'm a fan of this style, but am a bit leery of pulling the trigger on a similar suit or two. I think it's easier to pull off the double breasted pinstripe when your net worth is north of eight figures.
Somehow missed this thread before, cool idea. 40= 84,365
Good point, edited to include that info. The other ones look legit though.
Here are a couple pairs of Brooks Bros. tassel loafers in shell cordovan from a seller who spells it "cordavan". One pair is new, the other looks like it was worn a few times at most. Size 11 C, brand new Size 11 D, barely worn Great price on both. (And sorry if I'm blowing up someone's potential snipe.) Edit: As Flimsychicken says below, the 11 D ones may not be cordovan, investigate more before buying. The 11 C say "genuine shell cordovan" on the sole.
Thanks for lightening my wallet. This thread delivers!
Thanks for the heads up GoldenTribe. Been waiting for another code.
How did you size the Orciani belt? Yoox's system is confusing...
Quote on Moral 2.0 in 10.5d dark brown Fifth Ave 10.5d dark brown Thanks
I think I'm ahead this month, since I returned a couple things that didn't work out. My wife joined the club for a week then decided she needed a new bikini, so call it a wash?
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