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+45 = 104,715
+45 = 101,895
101375 + 45 = 101420
+30= 96405
+30 = 94044
Re-shipper was through ebay's Global Shipping bullshit.Those were the only pictures I got. I think I'll ask for more that show the whole shoe.I didn't think they were overly waxed or dirty, but I've never stripped shoes with Saphir so I don't know what sort of effect it can have.I don't want to screw over an innocent buyer (and his feedback score is stellar and robust) if there's something that I actually missed with the shoes, but I just find it hard to believe that I...
Thanks for the advice, I reached out to US ebay reps who advised me to ask for pictures of the damage. The buyer said he cleaned the shoes with Saphir and under the "dirt and wax layers" there was a big tear in the leather. Also said that the shipping box was undamaged and dry.Here is the pictures of the damage that he sent: [[SPOILER]] Here is how the shoes looked when I sent them: [[SPOILER]] No idea what happened to the shoes on the way between here and the re-shipper...
Welted hand warmer pockets?I could use some advice on how to handle my first disgruntled buyer. I just recently started selling more than once every few months, and I was somehow selling under the global shipping program. I think I've figured out how to limit sales to US/Canada, but some shoes I just sold were to a buyer in Germany.He has now opened a case against me on ebay.de for item not as described, and claims the leather is torn and that they are not in good...
It's interesting to note the abundance of double breasted suits in this thread. I'm a fan of this style, but am a bit leery of pulling the trigger on a similar suit or two. I think it's easier to pull off the double breasted pinstripe when your net worth is north of eight figures.
Somehow missed this thread before, cool idea. 40= 84,365
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