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Quote on Moral 2.0 in 10.5d dark brown Fifth Ave 10.5d dark brown Thanks
I think I'm ahead this month, since I returned a couple things that didn't work out. My wife joined the club for a week then decided she needed a new bikini, so call it a wash?
Nothing like another endorsement to ease temptation... I can wait. They'll still be there in July.Nice tumblr, btw. Been following you for a bit.
Damn Yoox for stacking sales! A sportcoat that I bought last month just came in, and now the same coat in a light grey is on double sale. It's a brand I hadn't tried before, Montedoro, and it fits me like a glove. All the LBM is on sale too...
I know it's late, but I'm in for this month.
Voted for Clapeyron for the color of that suit, and Orgetorix for the overall Buckeye-ness (Tressel-esque?) look. (Even though the Gators own you guys after the 2007 dominations.)
I don't own a single teal thing other than a pocket square, so no Jags for me. I'll go with something different:My college football team. [[SPOILER]]
I am a Jags fan. What color pocket square best showcases a feeling of existential dread?Might have to go with a back-up team for this...
Couldn't find a brooch that looked anything but ridiculous, so I went with a tie clip I inherited from my grandad.Navy striped linen/cotton 3/2 jacket. Purple checked shirt. Gold knit tie. Light tan belt. White chinos. Light tan longwings. Sockless.Close-up pics: [[SPOILER]]
Entry coming tomorrow a.m. Is brooch-as-lapel-pin too obvious?
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