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Do you still have this available?
Psa: Lapelless duster coat in a 48 and dominik pants at barneys warehouse.
Knyew has 25% off non-house brands, which brings the Geller chelseas to $5xx. Expires tonight.
Thanks for the tip!
Re:fresh cut prices on last season's stuff.
Taupe bball collabs on wet concrete.
Assembly has it: https://www.assemblynewyork.com/collections/robert-geller/products/polyester-sean-jacket
Is anyone in the thread the one who was selling those black buckle back jeans on eBay? Wegomegoyougo2 is the seller name. I regret sleeping on 'em, so if you relist them I'll buy asap. Edit: they were sample Geller jeans, should have been more specific.
New stockist from Geller site: www.knyew.com Have some new drops, couple jackets and coats etc.
Anyone have a good guide to buying off yahoo Japan? There's some stuff on there that I feel like taking a chance on.
New Posts  All Forums: