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Are these sold?
Just realized I have the Bowery Slim. Suttons fit slimmer all the way down the leg.
I just picked this up in store for like $70. It's a great airy, soft knit that is eye catching in person. As usual, looks like butt online so there are still sizes left. Fit pic:
I chanced across this thread last week, which led me to revisiting CM for the first time in a couple years, which led to purchasing 4 pairs of Sutton flannel pants. My bottom half thanks y'all, my wallet does not. For those interested, here's a fit pic. I'm 5'10, these are 31x30.
Do you still have this available?
Psa: Lapelless duster coat in a 48 and dominik pants at barneys warehouse.
Knyew has 25% off non-house brands, which brings the Geller chelseas to $5xx. Expires tonight.
Thanks for the tip!
Re:fresh cut prices on last season's stuff.
Taupe bball collabs on wet concrete.
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