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Solves that problem, thanks.
Psa: One pair of black chelseas in 42 at forward. Someone else please buy so I don't have to sit there tomorrow wondering about sizing. (Size down on Geller chelseas like the bballs?)
Damn, those are some good looking boots. Any other stockists you know of?
Any real life pics (non-runway, non-product shot) of outfits with the long button ups? I am tempted to try one out, but am not sure how to style it (and may just like the idea of it more than actually wearing it.)
I've recently become a bit obsessed with Geller, at least in part thanks to this thread. In an effort to payback the posters, here's a psa: revolve has this years cp collab in taupe for half off right now. Looks like only one pair per size, and 43 were taken by some lucky (and assuredly handsome) person already. (Guilty.)
Lbm 1911 Birdseye sport coat size 42r / 52r. Black and white that resolves to grey. Triple patch pocket, unlined, dual vents. Ebay link for more info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201334723891 Approx. 22" p2p, 30" BoC Shipping is $12 Discounts off ebay price for SFers!
Belvest 100% cashmere sport coat. Size 40r / 50r. Light brown and cream check. Bought here but the fit is too slim for me. Surgeons cuffs, dual vent. Approx. 22" p2p, 30.5" BoC Ebay link for more details: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201334731693 Willing to give a discount to SFers! Shipping should be about $12.
+45 = 104,715
+45 = 101,895
101375 + 45 = 101420
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