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Quote: Originally Posted by B1FF Start popping Avodart as well. It looks like you may have waited a bit too long to start on this. Yeah i know it took me too long to realize how bad it gonna be. The problem was that i asked my general practitioner if there was something that i could do aboutit. He answerd me "no it is hereditary" and there was nothing to do about it. So I started looking for my self on the Internet for solutions. I...
So did you find anything else that worked or showed any better results? Or as me still waiting for a better product that will change hairloss. Greetz, Roy
H i there I am new to this forum and ahve something to share. I am using Rogaine the foam type for my hair problems. I am 23 years now and started losing hair at my 20-21 age. This is how is looks now. This is using Rogaine foam about 4 months. Before that it looked the same. Am I using the right product or can anyone suggest me a better outcome? Sorry for my bad typing English im not very good at it. Desperetly waiting for answers.
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