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Quote: Originally Posted by ShimonEzra Question, what is that white stuff next to the Nudie tag on the belt line? Did it come from the tag that gets attached to jeans when you first buy them? Is it removable? Also, there is like some sort of white-ish stuff on the right leg from the pictures showing the front and back of the jeans? Is it from the jeans or just from the camera? One last question. Will these jeans stretch as I wear them? I am like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Detour Clothing Store Saw the bag in Vegas...absolutely amazing! Really thick but pliable navy canvas, leather straps, top notch quality. It will definitely live up to the hype. Besides the Apolis brother are awesome, great guys, just about everything they do is for a great cause. We'll try to get some measurements and let everyone know how many we'll be able to get and the ship dates. Also saw the bag in Vegas...
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Hey man. Quick question. These jeans are not dry right? Right, these jeans are not dry.
As someone who was just out of town for a week and found it really confusing when I was checking to see if you had any new styles come out while I was away -- YES, the blog would be really helpful. Good call, Michael!
Price drop! $60! BUY THIS SHIT!
I also saw the new stuff in Vegas this past week and I have to say that they are even more amazing in person. The quality is unreal and the Apolis x Filson bag will definitely live up to the hype. Great job guys! (Also, Shea is probably one of the coolest guys I've ever met).
Get a tribal arm band tattoo, or maybe one of a dragon, and then wear a lot of sleeveless tees.
Price drop again! $70! Yay!
Another price drop! $80 shipped! Get em!
How do you pronounce Daiki Suzuki?
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