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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini It's being worked on and should be up in a week. Old man Farinelli showed me the mock up a few days ago and it's really pro. Definitely a huge improvement over the old website at that other place. A week!? Wow. My last week there I thought someone said February. That's pretty good to hear though.
It looks like he tried to do too much to the boat shoe. I like the all-white concept, and I think I would like it more if it had just the tassels or just the thing on the back, but with the way it is, it just looks over-designed. I guess that's Kanye and I'm sure there are people who will go apeshit over this.
I love black suede with the tan soles. I think that's a sick look and reminds me of the A.P.C. derbies from a couple seasons ago. What website did you find the black suede and tan soled ones exactly? I'd be interested in picking up a pair myself. And to go along with everyone else -- neither is "too formal" but I think if I had to pick one I'd say the leather ones are dressier.
Like I said earlier I liked a couple of the pieces, but I agree, there's nothing in there that's going to make your jaw drop. Maybe I just can't remember far back enough, but isn't A.P.C. known for minimalism and subtlety in their design? I feel like with A.P.C. if you expect something crazy you're going to feel underwhelmed, based solely on their philosophy as a brand.
Based on what's on their website, there are a lot of pieces I like. Just off the top of my head, the derbies, the cardigan, the striped shirts, and the sport jacket were nice. The only thing with A.P.C. is that a lot of their stuff seems grossly overpriced. Can anyone comment on the quality of fabric/construction/etc. in their pieces?
Quote: Originally Posted by joel_954 APC uses 2 different style top buttons. One is a swivel and one is fixed. Many people prefer the swivel. Ok I just checked them out. It looks like the buttons on some of the Rescues spin (swivel) if that's what you mean. The buttons on the New Standards looked fixed though. If you know what size you want I can check each pair in that size to see if we have a swivel/fixed button on them? Just let me know!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnpark415 Do your NS's have the 'locked in place' top button or the one that's on the 'hinge'? Thanks. I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I just picked up a pair and the button is dangling or anything if that's what you mean? Call me at Clarendon if you have any other questions!
Farinelli's A.P.C. Inventory (1/15/09): New Standard 25 - 4 26 - 5 27 - 3 28 - 6 29 - 8 30 - 0 31 - 11 32 - 18 33 - 6 34 - 5 35 - 2 36 - 2 New Standard (Black) 25 - 2 26 - 1 27 - 4 28 - 3 29 - 1 30 - 0 31 - 3 32 - 4 33 - 2 New Cure 27 - 2 28 - 1 29 - 0 30 - 2 31 - 1 32 - 1 33 - 0 34 - 1 Rescue 28 - 2 29 - 0 30 - 0 31 - 0 32 - 2 33 - 1 34 - 2 35 - 1 36 - 1 Give us a call if you have any questions!
Quote: Originally Posted by djh That jacket looks great... but what's the flap on the back for? There's a zipper under the flap on the back. I was too startled by how nice the jacket was to actually open it, but I'm guessing it's some kind of secret pocket? This is my 3rd post in 5 minutes. I'm done. I'm done!
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound how is the fit of the BoO batiste shirts compare to the overdye oxfords? measurements on xs batiste if possible? I think the batiste shirts are at the Reston store. Give them a call (571-926-9478) and I'm sure they'll have no problem measuring them for you. In general though, I sized down on this season's shirts. I have a S overdyed oxford from Fall and I bought the gingham check shirt in XS. This is also...
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