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too expensive for an usual shoes
Hi I went shopping last friday, I liked the collar of a white plane single cuff Boss black label shirt, and I was asked 190 euros for that!!! Boss shirts are on 90-130 euros range and last year I bought a herringbone double cuff shirt double cuffed for 150 euros same black label, that was it´s price range. 190 for a white plane shirt is a robbery! I can get custom made Delsiena double cuff best fabric for 125 and Xacus top notch custom one for 180, not an already...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Suit or tux? The evening dress is Turnbull and Asser- I might guess the others are too. http://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/in...p?m=cl&g=cl009 Wow nice shirt! thanks man! The collar is very colse to the Kenzo ones I use. What is the english name of that collar? thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by larsrindsig Black dress = Ok I meant Suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Pimp-Tastic!!! I guess that set is from late 70´s right?
Quote: Originally Posted by foto010101 Hi, I am inclined to think that most people on this forum do not like Stefano Ricci ties. Personally I think they look awesome. Are there any other people here who appreciate their ties? Please share your experience. Mike I would pay for the case instead of the tie! How much are them?
Quote: Originally Posted by larsrindsig Well, I suppose if that floats your boat ... sorry????
What ais the brand of the white shirts he uses on the last Bond? Ilike that collar
Black tie, white shirt and black dress is what former French Republic president Zarkozy uses almost every day!! I like that
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas You may not realize that you just clinched the argument against yourself. Please could you explain? My english is bad, sorry
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