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Quote: Originally Posted by larsrindsig Well, I suppose if that floats your boat ... sorry????
What ais the brand of the white shirts he uses on the last Bond? Ilike that collar
Black tie, white shirt and black dress is what former French Republic president Zarkozy uses almost every day!! I like that
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas You may not realize that you just clinched the argument against yourself. Please could you explain? My english is bad, sorry
Ask Tony Montana...
What a bad style! Any of my friends wears every day some VacheronConstantin,IWC or Zenith swiss hand made 10.000$ up
Thanks, but I found those animal prints very ridiculous! I won´t wear them, sorry to say
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant His suit was HSM, I wouldn't be surprised if the tie was too. I never heard of that brand! Any clue?
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd Hello Bates, IMO a black shirt is never stylish. Take another one, or two white shirts. The buttons are all nice. But the question is which colour suits you. Yours GN I never worndark shirts to work on suits, but I do use them by night ( no tie of course) but why is never stylish? Actors use them for Oscars...
Kenzo for shirts, Corneliani CC for suits, some Versaces
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