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Button down; totally unstylish an american in the worst posible sense. Sorry
I´m going to say something not SF aprobed. As I´m 1,92m tall. I need and like low waist pants. So the best slim jeans I have owned are G-Star. Sorry but I like them and I wear with my hand made shoes and silk jackets. Of course they are plain ,not with golden letters in the back or any eurotrash..
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Adolf something? Stalin whatever?¿ Castro?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I'm waiting for your articles on Savile Row..It is always interesting to get the alternative news on established tailoring houses... The guy loves Franco and you're surprised he is a tad agressive... And I´m proud of it . Saludos de la Alta Burguesia europea. Edited. Mr Reillo is a hyped taylor and a big mouth. To see his "suits" you only have to see those terrible Frankenstein square shoulders that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle I wish that was true but he also makes suits. He even dresses (or used to dress) one of the Italian football teams. Oh I didn´t know that, as the shop I know is only wedding stuff. And their suits are so terrible or more usable?
I thing the lapels are too high and too wide. The button is too high too. Nice tie!
Quote: Originally Posted by Azure I pay for my MTM partly hand made 170 euros disccounted to me to 120 for addict from Delsiena. Impossible to tell without the tag between Borrelli or Delsiena. Honest. Both look same From my 4 hour visit to Naples,the only " amazing" thing was those africans selling fake watches on every corner and those marroquians telling; extasy,hash,cocaine all the time. I didn´t know neapolitan style that time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu My familiarity is just with Finamore (€190) and Borrelli (€240+). Both are MTM and surely not of comparable quality to Matuozzo. I have no idea who has the best quality for the money. €200 is my shirt limit, and if anyone makes a better shirt than Finamore for that, I'd love to know about them. I pay for my MTM partly hand made 170 euros disccounted to me to 120 for addict from Delsiena. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle While I was waiting in a store, I saw the catalog of this guy's designs. I must say I've never seen so many ugly stuff together. There is a dedicated shop in my city. But SHOULD know ke makes only wedding stuff.and you americans are not used to see things. ( Well I agree in this eurotrash look) I hate those wedding ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 It should be asked: what kind of shoes did your family make? women ones
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