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I can´t believe such as my 3 fav shirt makers are doing farmer shirts. Awful! ( sorry)
I quit from this PS thread , sorry for some of my words. I was angry for those terrible shoes. I got a Paul Smith Red Ear ( red neck ) dark slim jeans that fits me great. Priced 240 euros,sale on 50 % off 120.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Educate me on ties. Why spend more than $20 on a tie? What colors/patterns are good ties? Skinny ties... Yay or nay? How many ties do you guys own? I like them as a fetish. Yesterday I bought two Canali ( I collect them) Flowered. Most of them I hang them for watch them and never wear them because they don´t match my current look, but I like them as an art. About why paying more than 20 $, If you...
This Barba brand is awesome!
Sorry if a little off topic, but the leather is not. One of my cars is a Honda S2000 with red leather seats I did only 2000 kms this year with it, I used to apply an specific leather cream by BMW that doesn´t seem as good as in the part of my butt ( sorry( it has been scratched and unsewed. I let it in a wet basement close to the sea level.. that can be the problem, but the car itself hasn´t got any rust. What can I do? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Quack I was going to restrain myself and not fan the flames, but you seem like you want the attention. Shoes is shoes is shoes. So you don't like the PS shoes you've purchased. You've stated your discontent multiple times, why do you continue to seek attention? We know already. Besides, why would an upper-crust European individual such as you belittle yourself with the trite opinions of the ignorant peasants? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Well ladies, what do we think? Also, I agree about the chubby knees. That knot looks as the things that go throught my W.C. And 2 watches? I wonder wich one is the fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks Will you STFU and get out. Go back to the zoo please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Any opinions on the Leary canvas grey chukka? Very nice, ONLY if you are a baby or a lefty. I´m proud to don´t know any real directive or upper class man who dresses with that poor class socialist things.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira You're a closed-minded idiot. You've made your point now go away. Enjoy your Canalis, we'll continue enjoying our PS's Reported by insulting me, to me knees you low class slave! NOW Edited , You don´t have the class either an upper class european to enjoy a Canali you poor lefty born to serve people as ME. Continue with your nikes,and your PS and you Ed Hardy as a tatooed low classy while you clean my...
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