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So nothing has happened since 2013? Drew has just walked away with most peoples money?
I've read that all Grenadine fabric is made at the same mill in italy so was wondering if its a bad idea getting a Charles Tyrwhitt instead of a hober tie. I can get 2 ties from CT for less than the price of one from hober. The weave of this fabric doesnt look like any of the hober ones ( Or which red tie would it be?
Thanks! the one you are wearing though is charcoal/silver right? On the website it looks darker, but in your post it looks a bit shinier, which is what i am after.
Is this the charcoal grey/silver grossa? to order one for a wedding, how long do they take to arrive?
If anyone wants a charcoal canali suit in 48 from the mr porter sale at cost let me know asap before i return it
Thanks for the feedback.Would a MTM suit avoid those issues?
Need advice on a suit for my wedding. Managed to pick up a canali suit in my size for a good price at the Mrporter sale. Ideally i wanted a navy blue suit but this seemed too good to miss or is it? I can return for free if SF thinks I can do better, since i'm not wowed by the fit Sleeves are a bit short, though every suit ive tried on so far has been too. Non functional buttons so guessing it can be let down a bit (but there is the fake buttonhole stitched into the...
Thanks for the replies. Think this is what I'll give a shot.Do I say his name 3 times in front of a mirror?
So here's the damage on the westbournes. Slightly worse than the 1cm scratch that was in the listing. Any recommendations for somewhere in Sydney to fix it?
So anything worth buying with 10% off eBay?
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