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Yep. All these excuses are bs. We've inadvertently given him a 150k interest free loan for Libertine.
Can you even charge back a credit card after 18 months, i thought the limit was 3 months.
Which months varsities went out? Still waiting for my Aug 13
Anyone know what they are shipping?
Anyone receive a TOJ2013 recently? Its now just over a year since i ordered last august.
Anyone know where to get some cheap red wing 875s online in a size 9? Needsupply only has sz12 ($225 + 16 postage after forum discount) and everywhere else doesnt ship or is another 50...
Taking offers
Fark this is me too and ordered a size 50Though my shoulder measurements were closer to the 50Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Thanks to you and stiva for the repliesI run in old nike 3.0s and they took a while to get used to but seem quite comfortable now. Though maybe i should wear them for a whole day of walking and see how they feel. Last time i travelled in winter with a pair of mmm gat sneakers (flat sole and no support) and some hiking boots but found the sneakers uncomfortable for spending whole days walking around in so thought i'd try something different.Aesthetic wise i'm mid 20s and...
which beater sneakers for travelling in summer in europe? nike free og http://www.mrporter.com/product/430958 nike free flyknit http://m.sneakersnst...ree-flyknit-4-0 free run http://m.sneakersnst...e-free-run-2-og or some new balance 574 or something?
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