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And varsities...This is f#cked. But i guess we've all known that for the last year.
Eu Sale is on
Doubt anything worthwhile would actually be left.
To buy apc varsity on sale or wait for TOJ Aug13 order Are they still refunding?
Item is used but in good condition, only worn a handful of times as Sydney winters are mild. $550 USD including shipping, paypal fees Description: This insulated, waterproof jacket hides its state-of-the-art technical features under a minimal and perfectly constructed surface: The super light PrimaLoft insulation is laminated to the Gore-Tex shell to avoid cold spots, usually existent in quilting. Perfect protection for a cold, wet and demanding surrounding. Details: -...
69 weeks and 3 days5 more toj2013s before me =/https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MRajBxbJDZa1RPNwtqhDHhkxLBkQAnakmRRRH74cKNM/edit?pli=1#gid=0
Yet chariy says there isn't cashflow issues...
Yep. All these excuses are bs. We've inadvertently given him a 150k interest free loan for Libertine.
Can you even charge back a credit card after 18 months, i thought the limit was 3 months.
Which months varsities went out? Still waiting for my Aug 13
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