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I think that template while a good start is probably a bit long winded.Shouldn't it be something like:I purchased a made to measure jacket for $X USD on date dd/mm/yy from Korean national Drew KEith (TOJ garments).[attach payment receipt]PayPal transaction IDAmountDateAgreed lead time for jacket was X months. Following X month wait I have contacted Drew on dd/mm/yy anddd/mm/yy.[attach correspondence]Drew Keith has failed to respond to any further requests for contact since...
I wonder how many we would have to file for it to be actionedI assume it would be good to have drews address and contact information for the form. Does anyone have this. James Hyams?
I wonder how many people would need for a debt collection agency to take this on... Most seem to be no win no fee so you probably only get cents on the dollar back after fees, but that seems better than nothing http://incassopartners.com/debt-collection-in-south-korea/ http://www.tcmgroup.com/
Just called my credit card company to try a chargeback. They would have none of it, said had to be within 6 months of the transaction. Which according to mastercard is wrong (since it should be within 120 days of the anticipated delivery date), but it appears the time limit is 540 days is the limit.So all you guys within 540 days might be okay...http://www.mastercard.com.au/merchant/_assets/docs/merchants/TB_CB_Manual.pdf [[SPOILER]]
+1I got deleted from the list and am now on the end of the s/sHow did drew decide what to do as second round, theres september and august varsities later than mine...
My name has been deleted from the spreadsheet but i haven't gotten my order WTF? And drew doesnt reply to my emails so what am i supposed to do? Edit- Just realised can still add to s/s
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/saphir-cream-polishes-and-conditioner Is this a good price? OR cheaper elsewhere
Has someone shifted the rows. My order has gone from "ordered in a 5 piece lot" to blank
I hope this doesnt mean drew is going to be getting cash from the sale and jetting off. Its better if his assets are physical and can't be hidden.
Anyone in korea? http://www.koreaherald.com/custom/contact.php AddressHuam-ro 4-gil 10, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code : 140-190) General inquiryEmail : khnews@heraldcorp.com The Korea Herald Newsroom National Desk(82) 2-727-0220 http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/common/aboutus.asp?wpage=aboutus&hm=6&bmx=3 Published by The Korea Times Co. 8th Fl., Imgwang Bldg, 81, Tongilro, (Migeun-dong) Seodaemun-gu, Seoul (Postal Code 120-705). E-mail :...
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