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what is the main number? i called 212-966-2166 and they acted like they had no idea what i was talking about.
Does anyone have any idea on where to get the Barker Black loafers on sale? I am not a big fan of their laceups, but really like the loafers. Thanks.
anyone know of any?
Does anyone have any current codes for www.shopthefinest.com? Thank you. -Andrew
I tried Clothes Horse and had some luck. Anyone know of anything else? When do the dept. stores start their sales? Thank you.
thanks aportnoy. that is a good one.
does anyone know where to find kiton shirts at a discount online, or stores i could get them from over the phone? i have been on shopthefinest and yoox. just was wondering if there were more. thanks so much.
i have the barker black loafers wolfe in snuff suede and love them. have had them about 3 years and they are still in great shape and very comfortable. http://www.barkerblack.com/collection4.html They are on this website. BTW they are more comfortable than my EG loafers. Best of luck to you.
My local tailor who is from Naples says he can get the same fabrics that Kiton gets and that all the big boys get their fabrics from the same places (Kiton, Brioni, Borrelli etc.) Is he telling the truth and what type of fabric would he be talking about?
The guy that made it said he is going to remake it. i willl give a name and post results when completed.
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