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*** PRICE DROP *** Originally posted for sale in 2011 and I haven't worn these shoes since. They have sat in the back of the closet in original box. I've worn these maybe 4-5 times total. I totally forgot about these but recently moved to San Francisco and came across the box during the move. Make me a reasonable offer. Would love to sell to a good home.... ******************** Hello StyleForum, Here is a rare opportunity to pick up a beautiful pair of Corthay's (size...
After seeing all the sweeet shoes on the Vass Porn thread, I decided I needed a new pair of F last suede Adelaides. I sent Kolecho an email and was just about ready to roll but as I was looking for a picture of what exactly I was looking for I came across a picture of these new Alfred Sargents Handgrades (model Keats). This is pretty much exactly the shoe I want in a mid to dark brown suede. The Sargents are ~$1k - a few hundred dollars more expensive than Vass. That...
Fly to Houston, go to Hamilton and get fitted. It's a one time expense and you can order from them online in perpetuity. Relative to some of the EU options, I also think they're a great value.
Or does color/shade ultimately decide which season is appropriate? Would a darker blue gingham be ok for fall/winter?
Celini has an extensive selection of Camille Fournet if you're in New York. ABP is probably better suited for something custom, which is doesn't look like you are looking for.
No question - JLC. At that price, I would also consider IWC. Or better yet - go vintage.
Great thoughts on English shoe hierarchy. I'm wondering how you all would change your lists if you ranked them in terms of value? At what price point do you start to see diminishing returns? To me, $500-$700-ish feel about right, i.e. your paying at least twice as much for EG than C&J but probably not getting twice as good a shoe.
Any chance you can post the stores that ended up on your list for future reference? Thanks!
Don't waste your time or money. Enjoy the food and the beach. I've had suits made in Thailand and Vietnam and they don't hold a candle to HK. If you must, there's a tailor in Ho Chi Minh City - Cao Minh. You could have some passable shirts made there. I spent a month in Vietnam before bschool. I took a bolt of white polyester with me from CA and had them make me a suit a la Saturday Night Fever. It's my go-to 70's outfit. Outside of that, I would not recommend...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Does anyone here have experience with that last? I have the C&J 'Chiltern' chukka on the 224 last and know that I'm a bad fit for the 348 last, so no Tetbury for me. I also have the 'Chelsea' on the 238 last and shoes on the 341 and the 318 lasts. If anyone could compare the 200 last to any of these it would be much appreciated. All my C&Js are with an E fitting. The 200 lasted 'Chukka' is a D fitting. Probably...
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