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ill take the shirt
pm sent
pics? - pm sent
Great Win - Cant wait for the West Virginia game
nice avatar - where did u get it?
could u post picks of the navy? if the pilling not to bad i may be interested
sold to croow i will let u guys know tom if i find any others thanks for the interest
as posted - the picture is just so you guys get an idea of the shirt- the color is lilac/lavender not pink and it has a front pocket
it turns out the collar is semi spread so artisan has passed - so shirt is still avail. also i can take check or paypal as long as its not from a credit crad/ debit - ie i dont have a business premier account
artisan has dibs - pending I may be able to go back and get 1 more in - i think size 16 or 15.5 if there is interest let me know and I can try.
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