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Fixed I think
Pics - Let me know if you have problems viewing them - I can email them individually
many thanks
Hey Sorry if this is not the right place to post but could someone steer me in the direction of a post that lets non tech ppl know how to post pictures. I have put pics on my comp form my digital cam but I am not sure how to upload them to my sales thread Many thanks AJB
I have a pair of parks avenue 11.5 d in black with AE shoe bags in very good condition. I have worn them so there is a slight crease / wear to the soles but I have only worn them about 6 times. I got these w/o trying them on and have finally decided that this last is too narrow for me. I had a diff model AE 11.5 d that fit fine so I stupidly assumed it was the same last . I wanted to know if there was any interest. I Paid 175 but I would be willing to let them go for...
Interesting pair no affiliation with seller
Diorshoe - you are not alone - If I only had the income!
Tie came yesterday - Looks wonderful. Thank you amerikajinda! - A wonderful job - fast shipping and great packing.
pm sent
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