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pm sent
PM sent, ill take the one on the right assuming its in good cond and not narrow
Thanks everyone for all your advice and help. I will let you guys know when it arrives BP was great to deal with.
I have never owned an automatic watch. Hopefully this wont become an addiction. (my famous last words when I purchased my 1st Borelli shirt b/c of this forum ). Can someone give me some info on how I should care for this watch - ie how do I wind it and how often should it be wound. Thanks
if you guys recommend the gruen then that seems like a good option bpanicola - can u pm me your paypal ID
Looking for a dress watch (w/leather strap) to wear daily with suit at law firm. Just graduated law school with lots o debt so my budget will not support something expensive. I don't know much about watches - just want something that will look good and keep the time. Feel free to send me a PM if you have something in your collection that youn might want to get rid off (I have no problem buying used as long as its from a reputable seller) Also feel free to give suggestions...
paymnt sent
pm sent re 4
thanks what are the scarf measurements
pic of scarf please
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