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looking for a pair of blue wraparounds -shoot me a pm
Looking for everyday leather briefcase/bag (ie doesnt need to be hard). Don't mind vintage if it is in good condition - must have shoulder strap. Prefer black but open to any. Not looking to break the bank- any suggestions would be appreciated. Send me a PM Thanks -AJB
Are some of the BB pants flat front?
I found the Park Ave reguler last too narrow at the toes in 11.5 (my size) - do you guys think a 11.5 wide is the way to go or should I size up?
pm sent
I have a pair of these that I picked up at off 5th - very comfortable.
Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the Gruen - has recieved a number of compliments. You can usually find it for ~ 50 on ebay although I have seen it go for as much as 250. If you dont mind vintage you might want to check on some older Gruen, Benrus, Wyler, Bulova. I am afraid I have become hooked but I dont have enough to spend on something expensive yet. Would love an Omega Constellation one day. You can also check this site for less expensive...
BoC came and looks great - thanks!
Shirts Arrived Thanks
PM Sent re payment
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