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Delivered to boo yesterday
GOT IT LAST NIGHT - lots to look at and a bunch is not labled/labled has wore off but I will see what I can do to move along
Still did not get . . . Per CR on 1/12: "I got some bad news and some good news. I just received the freaking box to my place. Apparently the USPS goons somehow ripped off half of your address from the box. The good news is that I have a few samples that I recently got and put them in the box. I have put another label, with a boat load more tape, and new samples in the box. I hope to drop it off at the post office tomorrow."
Still have not received anything - will update when it arrives
Contact info sent to CR - Classter - u never responded to my last PM - were you going to send me stuff?
I have the Baume in white - great watch - gets lots of compliments.
Pm Sent
Dvorak Mozart Rimsky-Korsakov Tchaikovsky Ralph Vaughan Williams Ravel/Debussy
I would be interested (I am in Northern NJ) have a bunch of samples and maybe a bottle if i can decant.
PM Sent
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