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I'm sure this question is borderline sacrilege here but, figured I'd ask since I don't have much experience with these sorts of things. I just picked up a new pair of Allen Edmond First Avenue Boot in the Wallnut Calf. While I'm a fan of the color, I do wish they had a more even tone to them with no darkening of the toe as they are right now. I'd also prefer it if they were a bit more matte in appearance if possible. Is there anything I can do to help with these two aspects?
Just ordered a pair of Church's (Cowes in Walnut) and received them earlier today. On the side of one shoe, there seems to be some rather dark streaks, where it looks like a bit too much color got applied. Is this something I'm bound to see on every pair in some degree that's just considered "patina" or is it a defect that I should get exchanged? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Just picked up a pair of Church's, the Cowes model in their Custom Grade line (seen here: Can anyone give me some information as to the quality of the uppers, construction of the shoes, etc? I know they carry a premium over similar brands due to the name and marketing, but I got them at a bit of a discount. Didn't know if these were corrected grain,...
Looking for a slim fitting pair of leather gloves for this winter. I've been shopping around lately and every pair I find seems to be cut to fit someone with a morbidly swollen hand. Just trying to find a nice basic black glove, doesn't have to be overly fancy or the like. Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Picked up a pair of Persol 649's online. First pair I received was slightly scratched, and ordered a replacement. Second pair arrived, looked good, but one of the arms was straight, while the other bent slightly inward, essentially allowing for the arms to fold completely flat. The first had the arms evenly bent, though they didn't close completely flush to the frame. My question is which is normal? Both of them also seem to have a very fine polish visible, usually only so...
Purchased a pair of drivers shoes recently that fit perfectly with those little nylon socks they give you to try on in store. Got home and they're just a bit too snug with my typical dress sock, and I don't feel comfortable wearing them sock-less. Looking for something no-show, or that shows but in a sport style (color, patter, etc), as thin as possible. Any recommendations or advice? Thanks.
Thanks for the replies. I do like it, but I just wanted to make sure it was worth the price and wasn't going "out of style" or anything of the like. It is a Gucci, and I figured, worse come to worse, I could always return it.
No takers?
Stopped by Saks yesterday to find they were having a sale. Looked around and picked up a few things, including this suit. While it fits perfectly, and do enjoy the fabric, it isn't my usual style. I own mostly double vent notch, this is a single vent peak. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this suit for me, such as construction (half / full canvas), fabric type, how versatile / fashionable, how good of a deal (paid ~$1400), etc. Thanks.
I'm an unfortunately slim male, in need of a good dress wardrobe (pants, suit, shirts). While I don't want to spend a fortune, I don't mine paying for quality items that'll fit well and last (
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