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Can anyone recommend a fit similiar to an Express polo? An Express small fits me real well and is pretty cheap, but I'm really not a big fan of their logo they put on the front. Also, does anyone know how well they last?
I hope it's alright if I revive this. I kind of like these: What color belt should I wear these with? I'm clueless as to the belt/shoes matching with shoes that aren't black, brown, or all white.
But I'm lazy. Ok, I will utilize the "search" feature.
So I've begun revamping my wardrobe and caring out my outward appearance. I'm pretty thrilled with the idea of getting some dry denim and I am considering either Nudies or APC. My question is for someone such as myself with somewhat muscular thighs which will probably get more muscular this summer as I work out, which cut from either brand would be best for me? Would it be worth it to shell out extra $$ to get Nudies? I live in Austin and the store Factory People by me...
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