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I even kept some of your precious turns of phrase. And one m-dash!This thread is great, though. Good idea, and good criticism.
Flint & Tinder - you're too late for the kickstarter, but come back in a month or so.
Veja x Frenchtrotters looks pretty sleek. Been looking for some sneakers under $200 not made by third-world children.
I really like the color, belted back, and slightly Western styling of this Schott 662. It's supposed to be lightweight and slim fitting, and I think it would go pretty well with the untucked button-ups I wear all the time. Not really a standard design like a bomber or DR, so I dunno.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini This may sound weird but... Wear them. They've developed good fades, but are still pretty dark. I just got some new, much nicer denim and if I'm going to wear something dark I'd rather wear my new stuff. I'd like a pair of lighter, worn-in denim, so I figured if I could get these old ones to evenly lose indigo I could wear them like that.
How can I really fade my dark denim? I've hot-washed them several times, but they're still too dark.
90% off at Metropark Honolulu. I got two pairs of Nudies for $50. Closing tomorrow.
Nice buying from Crump's Brother.
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