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[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] Shirt: PRL OCBD Blazer: BB 1818 Jeans: Levis 514 Shoes: Vintage Florsheim Longwings
[quote=NewYorkRanger;3143583] looks like Spring has arrived in Brooklyn. Very nice Rob!
I really like the jacket Rob
Doubt that they will stack them, but if you open and account at the point of purchase i would assume you get the 25%.
Rob that PS just jumps out of the pic....nice!
[quote=NewYorkRanger;3014789]Humpday, testing meetings; Spanish-American War, Imperialism::Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraq Very nice Rob. good work!
By now they should be looking something like this.
Nice, wish they still came in that leather.
Coach Water Buffalo here as well.
[quote=brandall10;1829566]New Religions make me vomit in my mouth a bit LMFAO
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