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Sorry for a bunch of questions. are there any blemishes or wear? how padded are the shoulders? Are they actually that wide, seems a bit big for a 36s.
What do you mean when you say you had them taken in at the shoulder? also, what's the measurement across the shoulder and p2p and what's the opening on the hem?
Nice grados. I have a pair of SR60s that I enjoy for certain moods. I find them to be a bit bright for my tastes but run through my Marantz 1060 and a bit of EQ they smooth out quite nicely. I've said it over and over. At my age, this is all i need. Bulletproof, solid power, well known for its phono pre-amp and good classic marantz sound for a reasonable price, even though the prices have risen since I purchased this 4 or 5 years ago. Also, the hipsters, they swoon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gattopardo Are you an accomplished sculler? If you haven't spent a lot of time in a single or it's been a long time since you've been on the water, you may not get maximum enjoyment from a tippy, hard-to-set racing shell. Back when I coached at a learn-to-scull programme in Boston, most of our beginner and intermediate boats came from Peinert, who offer a range of boats from the wide and stable Zephyr to the X25 and 26...
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf Can anyone comment on Dax Short & Neat vs. Dax Super Neat vs. Murray's Light? I'm currently using Murray's regular but want to switch to something a little lighter. http://therebelrouser.wordpress.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I stayed at that hostel when I first moved to NYC. It was a cheap place to stay while I was apartment hunting. Cheap places in the neighborhood I like are the Hungarian Pastry shop (Amsterdam between 110th and 111th) and Saji's (256 W 109th St, New York 10025, btwn Broadway & Amsterdam Ave). I should add that Saji's is best for their Katsu, mackerel and donburi. They serve sushi, but I've never dared to try...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Repeat it again...Levain is amazing. Another good choice for Sunday is Orchard Street shopping/ people watching...along with a prayer that Donut Plant has not sold out. Also in your hostel 'hood: http://nussbaumwu.com/ Got to love a Jewish-Chinese bakery. Be sure to get a black and white cookie. If you're up by Columbia and want jewish-chinese then go to Absolute Bagel. Oh also, at...
good point about the whole cookie, it's a meal. i'll definitely have to check it out then. thanks for the tip.
Is it better than ippudo? If so I must try it. Either way I will though. And again, I repeat, get a levain cookie
I second chicken and rice (or third) definitely get the lamb/chicken combo and go to the cart on the southeast corner. During the daytime the southwest corner cart is a different crew. look for the yellow hallal bags and sweatshirts/tshirts. also hagi sake bar and grill (52?) right around midtown. it's in a basement, its open until 4 am. They have sake and they have a grill. yakitori, yaki soba, hamachi kama, so good. they've raised their prices a bit but it still comes...
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