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Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc [/IMG] Anyone know where I can get a pair of these in or shipped to Canada? Only place I could find online is DrJays but shipping is expensive
Is there a difference between taupe suede and taupe distressed? or are they the same thing
ugh, couldn't put a preorder at eastbay since I don't live in the states and now they're out of the size/color I wanted and everywhere else shipping to canada kills the deal
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM I liked the funnel neck windbreaker in black. I love it in red. Where to kop? Only found 2 japanese stores that have it but looks like neither ship outside of Japan and cost almost double what it does at revolve. There's also a store on rakuten that has a blue one that looks pretty good too but at the same price as the red one which is still way too...
Anyone know who else is selling the new S/S stuff online? I'm looking for that funnel neck windbreaker but in red
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