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Nothing like venturing over an hour by train and bus to get inspected and dismissed.
I've always have found Lesbians annoying.
I threw a phone through a basketball hoop once...it cracked the screen. I thought gorilla glass was indestructible? I was proven wrong.
They are too expensive
JLaw...I thought everyone was referring to Jude Law for the longest time.
This is how my ex-sister-in-law did up her hair after she finally got a baby. Baby came out, and she immediately cut her bangs crooked with the rest looking like a bowl cut. There are many reasons she no longer is a part of my family--crazy would be an understatement.
I think I need a wife
Broke my phone. I think I was playing basketball with it last night.
Probably eating something else...hehehehe
So I was down in Chelsea the other night and my friend and I met these four hot, young Romanian girls who wanted to party as the bar was closing. My friend and I also had this fat Chilean girl with us. We got the Romanians to agree to come with us, but our only good option would've been for us all to back to the Chilean girl's house (she has a whole building), but she wanted to fuck me and knew that if we brought the Romanians there that she would've been in time out. I...
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