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This Kira has a lot of nerve talking to you all like that.
I like not being on facebook.
Wow dude, that's such a funny joke...asshole.
Honestly, if the dude doesn't pay, I'd just move along. I was in a situation somewhat similar roughly a year ago, and even though there was a very good chance I would have won, there was also that slight chance the judgement would have been in the landlords favor. Most renting laws typically favor the landlord over the tenant--you really have to make certain you have your shit together. Oh yeah, and this dude already had liens against every single fucking piece of...
He'll likely not pay out even if the court claim is in your favor.
I guess I have more time for SF now.
A whole shot of liquor per chocolate?
I have been far too irregular...I've been drinking so much coffee, and yet, so little shit.
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