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haha nope, I pretty much get bourbon with him every Sunday evening more Spanish Mass.
So true Conne, so true.
hahahah. why is it so strange to get a drink with one's pastor? Anyhow, if I did infact have the Blanton's SB, I still think the Elmer T. Lee is better.
Pretty sure I had Blanton's single barrel with my priest the other night. Almost positive it was the single barrel.
Elmer T. Lee ... the best bourbon I've ever had--feels like I'm being tucked into bed.
Sometimes, things don't work out that way. Nothing worse than getting to the gas station at 4:00 am
Typical privledged white boy
I just can't stand breakfast or lunch foods. I like real food, if I have tit I'll eat it; otherwise, I'll wait. I'm not some Savage who eats ruebens
You know, there was once atime when I would wait between bar closing time and 6am at the nearest gas station to buy several six packs of beer, usually accompanied by some low-life female.On this one particular occasion, I woke up wearing a sundress.
I hate breakfast--I had mint icecream and coffee, and that will probably hold me over until dinner.
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