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im single
I'm just really in a bind with this girl. Becomes more of a nightmare everyday. She's become a monster.
I don’t get myself anymore. I’ve become like the inverse emo kid…everyone understands me, but I can’t seem to grasp my situation and actually make the changes I need to.
I don't get David Lynch. I've watched every movie he has made over the past month, and I hate most of his work. I loved Blue Velvet, but every other movie, I just can't stand.
We've been together over a year, and I think this was her second time ever in her life doing coke. If it was a monthly occurrence, yeah, I probably wouldn't date her, either. But, I have no problem with occasional experimentation with illicit substances--I've had my fair share of fun times. However, there is a time for experimentation, and that time really isn't at the start of looking for employment.Oh well, and I disagree about reputation damage, it is a conservative...
She's not an addict. It was a dumb decision on a night she celebrated finishing school and passing all her exams. Unfortunately, that one dumb decision was made at the worst time to make such a decision.
I'm just telling her to decline the offer. It's too risky.
No, not civil. DOT doesn't require hair tests, anyway...only 5-panel urinalysis.
I'm not willing to disclose that. But it is pretty common with engineering firms. My Dad, sister and oldest brother have all had to do hair tests as a condition of employment for different engineering firms.
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