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Don't you only shit at your house to?
I also hate pissing on airplanes.
I hate flying. I get so nervous.
I will enjoy the day I am once again an automobile owner...fucking love flying down curvy country roads.
I like oiling up my pans...it is about the most sexual experience I have nowadays.
Also, my former employer just emailed me stating that I need to switch from a traditional IRA to a simple IRA to receive my last deposit. WTF? I was also told that I have to redo some 7 page application that needs notarization and send it in through and only through "US MAIL"--if I sent it through the mail what the fuck other mailing service would I use? Canadian fucking post? Fucking Timuktu Express? Jesus fucking Christ.
I would give my left testicle away for one fucking drag of a god damn cigarette.
Will I get shit for having a flashlight in my carryon luggage?
Uggh I know dude. My head isn't dick shaped...
Subway platforms ain't cold unless you are farther out and using elevated rail, which I guess isn't really even a "sub"way
New Posts  All Forums: