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I feel so alone
I want to hang with SFers in early Aug in NYC
Going to go hangout at a house built from a former European castle with a few gay guys.
What Booth and I have is special, it transcends everything else. I thought about moving into his building...
Six months ago, I would've been really upset, buy I'm really just meh...I don't care. Her loss, my gain. I know I sound like an asshole, but I'm smart, good looking, independent, well dressed, and on a pretty fucking solid career path. She was the icing on the cake--Ill just find different icing. I've seen too many people destroy themselves over this shit...that's fucking stupid.
Hahaha. Pretty boring neighborhood... But I'm okay with that. I'm going to be studying my ass off anyways
I think I'm still drunk. It's noon.
I honestly don't care. I have so much going on in life, and I'm moving to NYC. So, so many red flags looking back...
New Posts  All Forums: