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So that crazy friend of mine. It has really kept me up around the clock. I've been calling many of his friends--they all agree that he has gone insane. I've been worried about what he might do. Just found out he's been locked up
I know. I just need something.
I need to get married.
I'm done living a hard lifestyle--I simply can't do it anymore.
Be sure to tell girls what they are when you're on dates.
Lol its OK babe
Dude...you'regetting it all wrong--I'm a good Christian...I don't buy hookers (I just pick up randos from bars).Also, Dubai girl wasn't a model she was "model-esque". And I think she has moved on from fucking her dad's friends to fucking Emirati men.We spooned.
Piobaire...one day I'll come and visit you, and we will get "white girl" wasted.
I got drunk with indesertum and we ate expensive Ramen together.
Dude also wouldn't shut up about his "soulmate". He has known her for all of two days...he says they are getting married...I wonder if she knows this?
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