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That's what I have OTC.
I really like my top-of-the-line Lenovo...it wasn't cheap either. I simply prefer PCS to Macs, who cares...now I have both.
Piss happens
I can't wait until the day I live in the middle of nowhere
Enough dripped on my fucking head when I went to the bathroom...initially I thought my roommate pissed on the floor! I banged on the door an hour ago--I hear them up there...I'll go bang on the door here soon.
I have an incredible knack for being at the right place at the right time. I hate macs--I think I'll use it to pick up chicks at organic, fair-trade coffee bars in Williamsburg. Now I just need Buddy Holly sunglasses.
I received a free MacBook Pro with 17" screen and expensive editing software installed courtesy of a stupid wealthy Upper East Side girl
Piss all over my floor...neighbor was having a party. I guess the piss on the floor and that ran through the ceiling
Stick it in her ass, then.
All looks hot to me, why are you complaining again?
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