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I only smoke non-gmo organic cigarettes.
At least I have nail clippers...
I wanted to have a "Last Tango in Paris" kind of night...
I forget to buy butter, guess I'll have to stick with oil.
"Sliders" for a reason;nontheless,they hold a special place in my heart.
I could have uber deliver it, disguised as a White Castle slider.
I have some. PM me for details. It ain't cheap though.
Today is Friday, dude. That's fucking disgusting. I shit like a god damn dog.
Everyone I grew up with in Ohio has grown into a fucking loser. Like unemployed in-Mom's-basement loser playing video games and jacking off to outdated copies of "Martha Stewart's Homeliving" with handsoap into Kroger bags.
Pretty sure apricot seeds and cannabis cure heart attacks, so I'd try to obtain both ASAP.
New Posts  All Forums: