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I guess my white privilege is heart break
I've been exceptionally bitter lately. I can't find work at all...I can't even find low wage work in my industry right now. Oil is too cheap and sequestration has nixed some 50 union ships off the register. A year ago, I could have sailed foreign at a low wage, but at least I would have sailed; now, all the container lines are going bust, and the international market is flooded with mariners too. I've been applying to basically fucking ship's janitor spots right now,...
that must have taken all day!
Stage one interview went pretty damn well I'd say. Pay isn't exactly what I wanted, but quite good. But, for a job on land, I think it is pretty much spot on.
I used to go to this diner where Juanita always started cooking my standard meal when I walked. She had a penis necklace with a pullchord, when pulled the cock went to erect form.
feel like shit after six beers last night. ugh, that used to be pregame
I think I am like in a really awesome and exciting place right now.
If it wasn't a gay guy, it would have been someone else. It is weird she is now in my town though.
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