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Fuck it, if I get the offer I'll take it. It's pretty bad ass to get into something like this without the degree, and the company is very, very nice.
In both my home state and the state the job is located require four-year ABET-accredited program. Idk...looked up things more and spoke to another guy who works there, and it sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Roughly 80K base pay, extensive travel outside the US, and nice bonuses; however, I also feel like I'm selling myself short by not sailing (the market completely sucks). If I could wait until January, I'd take it, I just really want to go out to Southern Cali and...
Question: I will soon have an interview for an engineering job at a pretty top-notch firm. Although I do not have an engineering degree (BS Poli Sci, MS Logistics), they want me because of my mariner license and clearance. The pay is good, the company is good (I hate the location though); however, I'm worried that given I don't actually have the degree, and I can't become an FE or PE because of this, that the skill set I develop will be nontransferable to another job...
So the old GF of mine and I are done done I do believe. She started dating some dude at the office a few weeks after starting there and then left me for him. Went so far out of the way to get her that job, and then she meets a new dude there. WTF. Anyhow, heading out West in a few days to get away from all this bullshit.
I take solace in the fact that this state allows firing for no reason at all. Karma is a bitch
Yeah, absolutely, and I'll not answer. Apparently, at the office, she is already hooking up with one the guys in her team, which I'll presume is in order to entice him into helping her with her work. Given that she is grossly under qualified. The only reason she was hired is because she was dating me, and my father talked her up. She skated through school and cheated and fucked her way to everywhere she has gone. I was a fucking idiot not to realize this sooner.
I don't know I still want to just leave this city though. It is just the worst feeling, after standing by her through a lot of her bullshit (moodiness, suicide threats, etc) and blowing so much fucking cash on her to keep her content, she tells me to get the fuck out once she settled into her job here. A job that I fucking helped her get! Couldn't even end it in person either. She tells me she resents me and I have no positive qualities at all. I ask for my shit back...
Finally feeling like my old self...I just had to admit that for the past 18 months, I've been lied to and used by my whore of an ex-girlfriend.
I guess my white privilege is heart break
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