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Did 38 miles in the woods the other day...Forgot to spray my feet...fucking chiggers man. Can barely so anything right now.
Pretty devastated
looks my year long relationship is over.
So I have gum disease I have to give up smoking for good. I really don't want to lose my teeth.
I have coke zero
No, the heart. I'm in bed pissing in gstorage bottles
I am not well
I'm the dumbest fucker on the planet
I should be s role model for kids of who they shouldn't be
there is a special place in hell for men like me. I can't be a good man. I can be a good Catholic, begging for forgiveness. But I'm just some strange girls good time, young cock stud. I just can't control my self. Can I ever change? Can I ever just be Simple Dave? Doing simple things? I try yoga, I try art, I try ao many things. But nothing means nothng without fresh booze and new girls. I can't even motivate myself to so nothing anymore unless I think of the...
New Posts  All Forums: