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How could you not know of a device like that? They're awesome.
I swear--I can't even take a shit anymore without first huffing poppers.
That's so stupid.
I bought my first stocks not so long ago. Kirby Chemical and Trinity Ind. They both have been performing pretty well--I wish I bought them back in the fall when I initially planned to.
All the gay bars will miss me dearly.
I think the city I live in will probably celebrate upon my departure in one week.
I think I'd make a pretty hot woman.
Sometimes, I wish I had a vagina.
I guess. I've never met someone who lived such a fictional life. I also found out that her job she held before the one she has now was a lie too.
Wow dude, wow. So that chick I was all upset about the other day is a pathological liar. I found out that so much of what she told me is a complete fucking lie. She never graduated from college, and moreover, she never had a "stint in grad school". All a fucking fabrication. Man, I can't believe I fell for such shit.
New Posts  All Forums: