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I just have a weird setup. Ive talked to them a collective total of maybe an hour. I do feel like I don't actually live here...it is very weird.
Roommates suck.I have no idea why anyone would share a place unless absolutely necessary. Seriously fucking tired of cleaning up after them.
Honestly, I've never had any problem with the USPS, and I've mailed and received several packages per month the past several years. I've always found Priority Mail to be a pretty damn good service and value.
The brunette was a woman as well.
Somehow, I teleported 12 miles last night.
Im going to AA tonight
Uggh. So hungover
Woke up wedged between a fat brunette and a really cute, svelte blond gal
I really like threesomes.
A few do yeah...also, you never got back to me via pm
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