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Hopefully, in five years or so, I'll just laugh about this whole situation.
Smell of cigarette smoke?
I had my first true dick measuring contest the other day in the woods! I won!
You just have to find the right disease-free girl!
Literally feels like broccoli is growing out of my asshole.
Unfortunately, all what I've posted is true--everytime my asshole itches, I think of the Russian and the ruin she put me in. From what I've read it should only take 1 or 2 outpatient surgeries to clear it up. The worst part is that I can't ride my bike.
You know, it really does warrant it's own thread. This is going to take quite some time to recover fully financially, emotionally and physically, but I will be a better man after it. I'd say the worst fall out, is that she passed on to me HPV, and guess where that shit decided to sprout? All inside and around my asshole. Sucks that my first paycheck back from sea is going to have to be spent going into surgery to remove anal warts! She used to play this game called...
Man, finally, truly becoming stoked about life again. I feel like I'm reinvigorated...I've got a job lined up now to go out to sea--I'm chasing my fucking passion which I almost gave up to work some menial office job to stay ashore with a bitch. A bitch who oh-so clearly wasn't worth it. If I stayed with her I would have been locked in a looney-tune fucking relationship with no sex and constant belittlement. Gone were the days of three carrots up the ass and blasting...
Well, got a gig lined up, it ain't the best gig, but it is a gig, and I'll head out to sea hopefully later on this week. Was going to wait around for some office jobs, but honestly, I just want to get out, get the fuck to work and line my pockets with some cash.
Two good jobs prospects at the moment, the engineering gig and then a job in the liquor trade as an analyst.
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