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Then to top it all off, we discover that this girl's "fiance" is the baby daddy to my buddy's ex-girlfriend's daughter. WTFFFFFFFFFF
She wore this very small dress--she constantly purposefully leaned over--no underwear--nasty thighs and ass--like cottage cheese wrapped in cellophane.
Derby time is too crazy. Last night was insane. My friend and I met this girl at this bar who wanted us to Eiffel Tower her. We go back to her place, and we all proceed to get drunk. This dude comes in...at first he was her ex-boyfriend. Then she begins to refer to him as her boyfriend. Then she begins to refer to him as her fiance. Shits getting weird. A friend of ours drops over at this chick's house too. This guy is a millionaire baller, and he wants to fuck...
A friend of mine is fucking a mother...so he is now a motherfucker. She is 20 years old and has a six year old kid--she works at KFC selling chicken (I presume). I'm not quite sure what he is thinking--I offered to buy him a cheap hooker if necessary (I mean, that is what friends are for right?).
So stressed...the reality that soon I will no longer make money and have to pay to live in NYC are finally settling in! Schedule is finished up, and I am going to be on campus only two days each week (granted 12 hour days)... I know that I can work part-time while doing this program--I just need to find a firm to work at. I need to start making calls...so stressed. I need to find a place to live. Fuck the free place to live, I want my freedom, and I want to establish...
Fuck that. Your job should be enjoyable or at the very least tolerable. I don't do things I don't want to--seems to have served me well so far.
Such a weird experience today...I went to a bar briefly to congratulate a buddy on finishing up his final year of law school, and he was with a friend of mine from years ago (or I guess an ex-friend). This ex-friend and I had a falling out like two years ago over something incredibly stupid (to be honest, I don't really remember what). As I was about to leave, he shook my hand and told me to have fun in NYC, and I responded, "Will do man, let's keep in touch." To which...
So apparently, I am considered an uppity asshole by the locals. Fuck yeah, may as well own up to it.
I'm soooo tired of try-hard manly men. Shit gets old. You don't have to be misogynistic and pack heat every fucking where you go every fucking day. Especially annoying when I've seen said individuals break down into tears over the most ridiculous shit.
Nope, not yet.
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