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Why? You have to realize that the month before she left we spent every single day together. There were times I could barely get through work because of how much time I was spending on her. I was going days without sleeping because I'd meet her around 8 PM and stay with her until 8 AM, sleep two hours and go to work.
Man, I just feel so used and betrayed regarding breaking up with this last girl. A week ago she told me that she loved me, that she couldn't imagine life without me, that I fascinate her, that we would make this relationship work at any cost. She's even hinted at marriage before. Then I receive a call the other day, and she tells me that she no longer wishes to do this and doesn't care if we continue communication at all. I feel that I was used in the sense that I...
Too bad I retired.
I love my sf friends
I was driven home. Don't jump to conclusions. I will not even drive after one beer.
I dontvremember how I got home.
This is happy thread not piassd
I hope that I make it to middle age
I need a blow job
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