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You don't have to offend someone to creep them out. Maybe, she just ain't into you
Those all sound like very useful degreees.
I think it means she's into y oh
My parents give me canned chile and the occasion mountain dew...sometimes a candy bar.
What does SF think of me
Lol. In seriousness, hopefully this works out. It's a pretty big operation, and would be awesome to be a part of.
I find NYers to be too slow. Seriously. I thought it was supposed to be the opposite.
Lol. Was offered a job today by a professor once he found out my work background. "I need people wi th your skills...I pay, I pay very well." Interesting way for a meeting to end regarding dropping his course.
Apparently the term "bub" is a racist and offensive word. I swear I can't even talk anymore.
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