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I've had so much fun the past two days.
I hate holidays...
Went to sex shop on a date tonight, and this guy comes up and offers $500 to us if we fucked and let him watch. We declined. Great date though (amazing really), too bad she leaves for Dubai in several days.
I hate parties where everyone is high and boring. Like the party I'm at right now. A buddy is getting played hard too--oh well, his fault. Dude dropped $250 on some girl with a boyfriend. Wtf? How fucking dumb is this shit.
I feel like shit. Got back into town at 0100, fell asleep at maybe 0300-0400 and had to wake up at 0500 for work. I'm home now, but now I got errands and shit to run and dinner to cook for fuckers.
This dive bar I used to frequent had a half-full bottle of vermouth at the bar--I'm guessing it was probably several years old. I think I may have had a shot of it once for free.
Louisville is the gayest city in America I swear. We already have the two biggest gay complexes in the world. I hear another is under construction. Recently read that an entire city block is going to be made into a gay city block: gay shopping center, gay restaurants and a special gay hotel. A gay bathhouse also just opened around the university. See, gayer than San Francisco.
I like byrrh, and I like it neat!
What a great trip. Sad that it is winding down.
I made out with Yanna, and I think I smoked most of the J. Pretty sure we both felt up some fat chick.
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