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Have to go to the doctor next week...I need to get blood drawn, vaccinations, mental health evaluation and shit--make sure I don't have AIDS, TB, Hepatitis... Can't wait. Then the dentist--I hate dentists. Then I have to get my feet checked. I hate this shit. Just dropped several grand on uniforms. A grand on a laptop. Had to obtain a passport. Just sold my bicycle--ten years of riding, half of which at the advanced level...not anymore. Still need to sell a bunch...
7 more weeks...I can do this
Hang tight lady boys!
You know...now that tagut and I are FB friends, I get the weirdest motherfuckers in the "people you may know" strip.
Soooooo looks like I'll be going to Thailand in early January.
I find it comforting... Time moving quickly that is. But the again, I'm really weird.
Dinosaur sex fantasy...duh. Never had a stiffer board until I discovered dino erotica.
Time and a half.
I've had a hard on pretty much all day.
New Posts  All Forums: