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Trust me PB, you would not want to suck these tits. Fucking gross. My brother always seems to pick out the most attractive women.... She (my ex sister in law) looks like a god damn psychopath. Last time I saw her she had a bowl cut, and her bangs were cut crooked...she had that "I'll bite your dick off" look in her eyes.
Found out today that my ex sister in law plans to breastfeed my niece until she's at least ten years old. Wtf!!!!!!!
Welcome to the real world ed
Way to be a dick.
ATM transactions should always be free...you can't put a price on true love.
What a yuppy thing to say
Really don't want to post the name of the school--it is, however, the only school that has the specific program I am after. So the answer is yes, it is really the only avenue to advance. If you are truly curious, then shoot me a PM. 150K is max expense. I should be able to find a part-time job within the industry while up there. I've worked within the industry for 2.5 years--this is how I paid through undergrad. Many of our clients are based in NYC-New Jersey area. ...
Man, I'm going to have to take out like 150K for grad school, and that is for a pretty modest/impoverished existence. Going to go jack off (takes the edge off).
I already have a nice tan, and it ain't even June yet. Shit totes cray.
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