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I still don't understand your questioning. It is a tool of a trade.I'll guess the SF concensus is he shouldn't have had it on because he wasn't actively sailing at the time of his arrest, and therefore, he is fully deserving of the charge he is now facing.It is a major haste for him, and it looks like it is going to be expensive, I feel for the kid. He is a smart kid, and is now probably goi ng to have to forego training this summer to deal with this bullshit.I don't even...
No. It was in his pocket. What is your point?
Friend was arrested on weapons charges for having a rigging knife (folding knife with marlin spike used for sailing). Complete bullshit.
Been awake since 6am...haven't got much accomplished...
I get to give an hour long speech here in a few weeks. I really love public speaking. Had an interview today, went really well. Tax return was way larger than expected.
blah blah blah blah blah
I love how so many liberals have this raging fuckin' hard-on for present-day Venezuelan politics. Seems to me, that many wouldn't even last there. I have a good friend from Caracas he tells me the country has pretty much become unlivable for middle-class people--likewise, he now holds Ecuadorian citizenship via his mother. Apparently (from what he's told me), a good chunk of middle-class Venezuelans have been gaining citizenship to European states jus sanguinis. Never...
Good for them. Sounds like somebody jelly.
Neo version one.
If I had low tea, I'd bring it up on dates. b.
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