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Last time I saw patrickBOOTH, he told me to describe my ideal woman in words on a legal pad. Afterward, he said what I described might very well be a man.
It's been consistently colder in Kentucky than NYC
Last time I was in Booth's neighborhood, this woman pulled out her saggy, deflated left tit and whacked me in my face before running down the street. I then chased her down and went to this art exhibit with her and younger, hotter female companion. They were Canadians, and they invited me to their hotel; however, I was told that to fuck the younger one, I had to fuck grandma first.
Truth be told, I am now living in the Bronx. Manhattan was a fun experience, but the commute was killing me.
Last time I saw Booth, he congratulated me on "moving to the most boring, cheapest neighborhood in all of Manhattan".
Why would you put your mouth there? gross.
Or you cold make him a homemade eclair http://cookingwithcum.com/natural-harvest-book/natural-harvest-recipe-chocolate-cream-eclair/
You can make a cake glaze out of confectionery sugar and a few other things that looks and feels like healthy cum.
I think I'm over my smoking-cessation constipation given that I've been laxative-free, and my shit has been of the smooth-snake variety for the past several days. Yay!
Lol #officeproblems
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