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Clipper came in the mail today. Time to buzz my hair off.
Leave the janitors out of it, please.
Looks cheap. Why do you need a faucet to drink hard liquor anyways?
Seems like there is a pretty big gap in the mail-order semen market. Seems sperm banks only want sperm from tall and conventionally successful men. What about marketing semen as coming from war lords, alcoholics, murders, etc. Probably a market out there for it..alternative semen if you will.
Hell, if you want to get all technical, make sure to pronounce the "c" in et cetera like a "k"...
Looks like SF can't handle a womyn.
What about me?
You know I wish I could just be content pretending to be a lumberjack and watching Grey's Anatomy (or Twin Peaks reruns) with an ever-expanding wife by my side.
I'm talking about getting excited over stupid shit like organic produce, art exhibits, video games, blogs, etc.
Looks like everything is going to get real busy soon, 'bout time.
New Posts  All Forums: