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Ebay really sucks. I bought jeans that were said NWT but they were fucking hemmed. Like the hem was lopped off and sewn back on after a small length was removed. The jeans didn't have the actual proper tags but only The booklet. The stupid plastic thing attached to the booklet breaks when i wear them for one hour. i uncovrr that they were hemmed and want to return.I get buyer to agree to take them back, I send them back and seller opens a case against me stating I removed...
I don't know what I am going to talk about? I haven't gone on a date without getting good-and-drunk since high school, and now I don't drink, nor smoke, and I promised I'd clean up my mouth. What to do...
Friend set me up on a date with a very sweet, beautiful girl. He made me promise I wouldn't say nothing about M&Ms and funnels.
I am fairly certain that I have not eaten anything sous vide.
? ??? Is this some type of jab because of the chicken pussy story girl who OD'ed???
I tink OTC is coreect
I rarely go into Manhattan...thought I'd go into Manhattan today to meet my sister for lunch. My commute back to school took 3 1/2 hours. No kidding, waited 2 hours for the fucking bus?!?! Train also switched from a Pelham Bay bound 6 to a Parkchester 6... always fucking happens, they switch the trains destination.
I found out that this girl I once dated went through a brief lesbian phase, during which she fucked this crusty folk-punk musician I always referred to as "Chicken Pussy". Chicken Pussy made her way through the dive bars with this plastic purse shaped like a chicken, and she looked like that bird woman in Home Alone II. I also just found out Chicken Pussy was recently found OD'ed on heroin with her almost-dead child in the back seat. I can't believe I fucked a girl who...
I've found some very good mexican places in the Bronx.
Girlfriends are bad.
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