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I have a bar of sunburn roughly 2.5" above my asscrack. Uggh
PB is scary as hell.
Uggh, Buzzfeed quizzes... However, wouldn't using stupid phrases like those keep you from advancing in the corporate world? Or I guess keep you held down as being the office bottom, always willing to take it.
When you are in my neck of the woods, give me a phone call--I'm sure we could arrange something.
I hate the feeling of worry.
Working men PB. No kidding. At shift change, these gas stations around the factories I work at are full of workers buying 2-3 if not more energy drinks. I can't say it doesn't make sense--working nights is pretty rough. A lot of the guys I work with tell me they barely sleep at all during the day and work all night.
Trust me PB, you would not want to suck these tits. Fucking gross. My brother always seems to pick out the most attractive women.... She (my ex sister in law) looks like a god damn psychopath. Last time I saw her she had a bowl cut, and her bangs were cut crooked...she had that "I'll bite your dick off" look in her eyes.
Found out today that my ex sister in law plans to breastfeed my niece until she's at least ten years old. Wtf!!!!!!!
Welcome to the real world ed
New Posts  All Forums: