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Getting my weight back under control. I think that not drinking is probably helping.
As many times as I've become black-out drunk, I have never left behind any clothing items at a bar. One time, I left a cab at a light and ran because I had no money to pay.
I like Juicy Juice
Pics by request.
pissing shit water out my asshole
That marzipan pig is amazing...do you make the marzipan yourself?
I also got another doll for my collection. I collect smokers.
What type of grown-ass man wants cash for Christmas? I received marzipan candy, and that made me happy.
Lol, 0200...where I come from, the bars are open until 0400. A nite of drinking and then then after-hours club/24-hour diner means not going to bed until 0600.
I used to close down bars and have work/school in the A.M. the following day...not a smart idea.
New Posts  All Forums: