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The realization that I'm almost done with my training and the fact that I'm going to have to put in some very hard years initially and be away for 8-12 months away from my love is starting to sink in. The realization that all I've ever wanted is an incredibly dull life, and it took me 26 years to come to terms with it, but now I'm so far invested that I have to. I'm good at what I do, but not really worth giving up everything else life can offer. On the other hand, if we...
I am doing Great Lent this year which means I am going Vegan and fasting for 40 days.
I think I've finally grown out of my recklessness
this is the first valentine's day that I haven't been single
Pretty much.
I was making naked snow angels the other night. Got the sauna to 240°F. Would sit in there for 5 mins, run out, flop around in the snow, drink some beer and go back inside.
My GF accuses me of the dumbest shit sometimes. Since I asked her to stay at my place, she is accusing me of not wanting her to stay and not loving her or being concerned for her. She says if I wanted her to stay I would not have asked and would not have let her leave my house. Christ, she told me she wanted to leave when I said I didn't want to watch a movie, and I was getting tea ready. Am I supposed to handcuff her to my bed? I'm going through my toughest...
Heading back to New York tonight.
So happy. Made a shit done of gumbo for tomorrow...turned out soooooh damn good
PB looks good in his get ups, however the fit.
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