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I conditions my couch three times a day
Found out about a scholarship last week with a deadline days later...so thankful I was able to get in touch with several professors from undergrad that night, and they all had letters for me by the deadline. Received word today that everything has been received by the institution, and I ought to know my the end of next week. Fingers crossed.
I put my degree after my name. Biscotti, BS
Have to go to the doctor next week...I need to get blood drawn, vaccinations, mental health evaluation and shit--make sure I don't have AIDS, TB, Hepatitis... Can't wait. Then the dentist--I hate dentists. Then I have to get my feet checked. I hate this shit. Just dropped several grand on uniforms. A grand on a laptop. Had to obtain a passport. Just sold my bicycle--ten years of riding, half of which at the advanced level...not anymore. Still need to sell a bunch...
7 more weeks...I can do this
Hang tight lady boys!
You know...now that tagut and I are FB friends, I get the weirdest motherfuckers in the "people you may know" strip.
Soooooo looks like I'll be going to Thailand in early January.
I find it comforting... Time moving quickly that is. But the again, I'm really weird.
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