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Invite me...I'll bring along some real clean-cut girls with me.
Why would anyone want to do that? I think I'll be bored shit less in 25 years. I smoke because I hope for an early death
That is some psycho shit there Kira.
Lol a girl who smokes and drinks...must mean she's got her clitorus pierced
I'll shit anywhere...I also don't get the whole toilet paper on the seat thing. Who cares? I'm sitting on my thighs and ass...I highly doubt germs are going to climb from the lid into my asshole.
You guys who don't shit anywhere but your own toilets...isn't that limiting?--how the fuck do you go on vacations?
America is bigger than that mate
My friend is OK. Hospitalized and back on his meds. I had no idea he has bipolar. Been on the phone with his mother for some time.
Way to go kentucky
I post up in men's bathrooms--a peak of Shiney shoes under your stall is all you really need--a glimmer of hope--a splash of glam--and I piss, piss cosmos all around.
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