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Everyone I grew up with in Ohio has grown into a fucking loser. Like unemployed in-Mom's-basement loser playing video games and jacking off to outdated copies of "Martha Stewart's Homeliving" with handsoap into Kroger bags.
Pretty sure apricot seeds and cannabis cure heart attacks, so I'd try to obtain both ASAP.
Hey, I have AIDS too.
I'd say that SF probably isn't the resource to consult with. I'd probably go see a doctor today.
Hahaha, it is a good story, and I am bored.
No, it was a derby party. There were swastikas everywhere. Swastika stickers, wooden swastikas, giant metal swastikas. Whole lot of Doc Martin boots. Skinheads and KKK. It was very strange. It was in some clubhouse that had a front of a motorcycle repair shop.
Thinking about that one time I ended up at a Nazi party with a six-foot-three mulatto gay man and a Filipino girl. How the fuck did I make it out alive? (Btw, the gay man fucked a skinhead giel--he said nazi pussy is the best--"felt like velveteen".
Some liquor store on City Island up by Pelham Bay. I've never heard of the stuff before--I was leaving and the dude who worked there came to me as I was leaving and gave it to me.
I guess the benefit is that I often get discounts when I shop on my way home. Free six pack of Cuba Libre? Don't mind if I do...
Uniforms are the exact same as the Navy...khakis, dress whites and dress blues.
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