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Getting the fuck out of NYC for the weekend.
Real fox fur. It's not for me to wear, either.
Fox tail buttplug comes in the mail Thursday.
Bought a fox tail butt plug
Very random...I bought an engagement ring last night while intoxicated, and I asked her to marry me this morning. I've only known her for four months, so it is pretty soon buy wth.
I am now engaged. Very much happy.
Found a nice little apartment with a private beach...can't wait to down a few beers in the spring around a fire pit at low tide. I received permission to finish my master's degree quicker than I anticipated. Pretty stoked. Can't wait to get out and make real money for the first time in my life.
Jesus, tonight has been weird. I have to wake up so fucking early for fire fighting training, and I have so much shit on my mind.
I might break it off with my girlfriend today...seriously worried shit is going to hit the fan. I love this girl, but I really can't deal with the instability no more.
Took a quick dip in the East River today. Awaiting AIDS test results
New Posts  All Forums: