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I fucking hate my hometown. All my old friends are a bunch of sad sappy sucker losers. Went out with an old friend last night and I just got trashed, I don't even know what to talk to these people about while they rant about how sad and shitty their lives are. I mean, should I just rub it in that I'm killing it in school, that my friends in NYC are 100000x better or that I have a beautiful baby in NYC who I would fucking die for and gives probably the best blow job on...
So nice to be at my parent's house for the next few weeks. I haven't slept on a nice bed in over a year, haven't taken a bath in a year, haven't had any little luxuries at all for so long, haven't listened to a stereo in a year. So nice to enjoy all these little things that I used to take for granted.
I did on FB. I just hope I don't run into this person when my GF comes to visit and we go out together. Uggh, that would suck. Not that I couldn't handle it, just wouldn't be a fun experience.
People in your life that never seem to fucking leave. Every chance, any nook left open they seem to crawl inside...never to try to mend the damage, but always seeming to make the wound greater, to put you down in your successes and happiness, because they themselves ain't there yet. This time last year I changed all my contact information to get someone out of my life. I couldn't even look at my phone because it was just blown up with 100s of texts, dozens of calls,...
Life is so very good. Amazing woman,as it has been for four months now. Amazing grades and good jobs. Learning russian at the moment. Scheduled to head there soon
You are so cool Ethanm
Lol. Okay. Why?
Going to shoot ak 47s this week
Polish baked goods in Greenpoint hell yeah
Loan approved, kick ass job lined up for winter and I'll soon be spending the week with my babe. Good life.
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