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Get drunk at the wedding. Remove shirt. Lick nipples. Biscotti's Way.
I was told the other day that I am selfish for not having a Facebook account. And that, I am not keeping up with the lives of others that I apparently should.
I like the coffee place / bar that is connected to the sex museum. I think it is called "Play"--I thought it was a gay bar at first, and so naturally I was allured by the thought of free cosmopolitanst. However, it was just a regular place...
I've saved some $10,000 in school-related expenses for the upcoming school year by being a bad-ass. Fought one ridiculous charge that saved a lot of students a lot of money. It is amazing some policies schools have that students pay without question...
As someone who is not a coffee connoisseur, I agree dunking donuts coffee is trash. Also, why the hell do they load that shit up with cream and sugar without me asking for it????
I'd eat the shit out of raw tomato, just like pussy
Look, some of us vegetarians still enjoy a good hunt. Fuck off.
Lol. Was just about to post the same regarding GF's post.
Geezre Ter...it's things that are pissing you off thread....can't I vent?
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