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Sure, I'm a pervert; however, some things make no sense to me--diaper fetishism falls into that category. I go to school with a former enlisted Coast Guard member--I found out he diapers himself up, shits himself and pays women to wipe his ass. I call him diaper commander. I also go to school with a dude who jacks off to pictures of dead girls. WTF!!!!!!!!
I wonder who amongst us is into that shit.
I really don't understand diaper fetishism.
Over the course of lunch. The Bronx does have really fucking good Mexican food.
Ate two burritos, five tacos, three enchiladas and a liter of coke and rice and beans
There's so much bullshit on LinkedIn...
I've been editing together a 30-page paper written by four students all day long. Jesus Christ.
I do not have LinkedIn; hopefully, I will never have to.
One day, Biscotti will be president.
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