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Friend was arrested on weapons charges for having a rigging knife (folding knife with marlin spike used for sailing). Complete bullshit.
Been awake since 6am...haven't got much accomplished...
I get to give an hour long speech here in a few weeks. I really love public speaking. Had an interview today, went really well. Tax return was way larger than expected.
blah blah blah blah blah
I love how so many liberals have this raging fuckin' hard-on for present-day Venezuelan politics. Seems to me, that many wouldn't even last there. I have a good friend from Caracas he tells me the country has pretty much become unlivable for middle-class people--likewise, he now holds Ecuadorian citizenship via his mother. Apparently (from what he's told me), a good chunk of middle-class Venezuelans have been gaining citizenship to European states jus sanguinis. Never...
Good for them. Sounds like somebody jelly.
Neo version one.
If I had low tea, I'd bring it up on dates. b.
Too bad I am far too busy tomorrow, we could've had a real, good time.
Today is 3 months no cigarette!!!!!!
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