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I once had a boss shame me for being Catholic...how the over-breeding Catholics were responsible for "double-digit yearly population growth" and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. No joke, she told me my parent's should be ashamed for having so many children, and that is why she chose to adopt. I think really, she was pissed off about being old, and probably because she dicked around into her 40s.
Having spent summers working on my now sister-out-law's vintage home, I came to the conclusion that owning an old home with quality workmanship simply isn't worth the work. Plus, any new home with insulation is going to be way more efficient to heat/cool than an old house with no insulation and single-pane windows. If it came down to it, I'd rather just live in some basic suburban home, perhaps a "mcmansion". At the end of the day, life is about living imo.
Lol. I will never work more than a standard day without overtime. I will never work weekends without overtime. Fuck salaried work.
Just my head, boys.
Clipper came in the mail today. Time to buzz my hair off.
Leave the janitors out of it, please.
Looks cheap. Why do you need a faucet to drink hard liquor anyways?
Seems like there is a pretty big gap in the mail-order semen market. Seems sperm banks only want sperm from tall and conventionally successful men. What about marketing semen as coming from war lords, alcoholics, murders, etc. Probably a market out there for it..alternative semen if you will.
Hell, if you want to get all technical, make sure to pronounce the "c" in et cetera like a "k"...
Looks like SF can't handle a womyn.
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