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Thanks lawyerdad. The guy is old, has been out of work for years, and I question whether he will listen to someone half his age while I train him. I am so frustrated too. August can't come soon enough
? Sorry, tired and slow today.
I have to start training my replacement soon. Dude is a fucking dipshit--I am so tempted to say fuck it and quit now. I don't understand why he was hired. My bosses get excited about the dumbest shit and are terrible business people.
I downloaded the photo
Who needs a vacuum? Why the hell would you rent a carpeted place.
That looks so strange... I think I would cut it open and inspect if I was a baggage handler.
My sex life has become 100% cyber sexusl now
Sent dick picks
What's the most polite way of telling someone you don't find them attractive enough to have sex with?
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