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I think I'd make a pretty hot woman.
Sometimes, I wish I had a vagina.
I guess. I've never met someone who lived such a fictional life. I also found out that her job she held before the one she has now was a lie too.
Wow dude, wow. So that chick I was all upset about the other day is a pathological liar. I found out that so much of what she told me is a complete fucking lie. She never graduated from college, and moreover, she never had a "stint in grad school". All a fucking fabrication. Man, I can't believe I fell for such shit.
I'm so thankful that I've found a really great place to move into, and that my sister is willing to fly down to the South, rent a car and wheelbarrow me and my goods up there.
I appreciate the support guys. It was definitely a learning experience that's for sure. She definitely was a damaged good. Her father shattered multiple bones in her body. Her ex smashed her face. She's been sexually abused. She never has been with a man not younger than ten years her senior...even when she was 12 years old. So, so many red flags. It is for the best that she is out of my life. I have far too much to live for and offer someone. Cheers to fuck. Cheers...
I think you're making assumptions--how are you to know this? You don't.Anyway, if I ever am to have any sort of meaningful relationship, that is how it will have to be. Soon I will not even have any place to call "home" and I will be away no less than 50% of the year. If I meet someone, I will never have the time to do things the normal way. I'm OK with this honestly...everyone I know is miserable, may as well pick a more interesting form of misery. Or it will destroy...
Why? You have to realize that the month before she left we spent every single day together. There were times I could barely get through work because of how much time I was spending on her. I was going days without sleeping because I'd meet her around 8 PM and stay with her until 8 AM, sleep two hours and go to work.
Man, I just feel so used and betrayed regarding breaking up with this last girl. A week ago she told me that she loved me, that she couldn't imagine life without me, that I fascinate her, that we would make this relationship work at any cost. She's even hinted at marriage before. Then I receive a call the other day, and she tells me that she no longer wishes to do this and doesn't care if we continue communication at all. I feel that I was used in the sense that I...
Too bad I retired.
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