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Beautiful. Write a children's book
Sounds like a bad move on your part acidbaby
I don't think so, not anymore than alcohol. Everything seems amazing for like 30 seconds. Its interesting, but really just a novelty. No one knows wtf they are, so I guess it makes one look sophisticated or just weird.
I've been soaking in a bath tub for the past 5 hours. Life is okay
I like to do poppers at a bar while dressed very nicely. People all like wtf
Yes. Yes. And yes!
Everyday I look in the mirror, and I look hotter everyday. Mmmmm
So apparently I smell like "new baby doll"...
Is 70 mph supposed to be fast? I drive 85-90 mph daily.
Sick. Guess that's what I get for making out with 60 year old men
New Posts  All Forums: