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Why does my roommate piss on the floor
Edinatlanta is a loser
Ramen noodle diet is awesome.
As I say, you're single until you're married...
This is what your talking about, except his has a clip:Many objects have the capability to kill. Should everyone found with an object that may cause harm to another have to go through jail, bail and trial?
He was waiting for the subway, and he had the knife clipped into his pocket--such that the clip of the knife is visible while the knife itself was in his pocket. A police officer approached him and asked him to remove what was clipped into his pocket (the folding pocket knife). He was then processed and jailed. Cop argued such knife is what is known as "gravity knife"...bullshit. I have the same model knife, as do many others I know. These are just very common pocket...
I still don't understand your questioning. It is a tool of a trade.I'll guess the SF concensus is he shouldn't have had it on because he wasn't actively sailing at the time of his arrest, and therefore, he is fully deserving of the charge he is now facing.It is a major haste for him, and it looks like it is going to be expensive, I feel for the kid. He is a smart kid, and is now probably goi ng to have to forego training this summer to deal with this bullshit.I don't even...
No. It was in his pocket. What is your point?
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