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Welcome to the real world ed
Way to be a dick.
ATM transactions should always be free...you can't put a price on true love.
What a yuppy thing to say
Really don't want to post the name of the school--it is, however, the only school that has the specific program I am after. So the answer is yes, it is really the only avenue to advance. If you are truly curious, then shoot me a PM. 150K is max expense. I should be able to find a part-time job within the industry while up there. I've worked within the industry for 2.5 years--this is how I paid through undergrad. Many of our clients are based in NYC-New Jersey area. ...
Man, I'm going to have to take out like 150K for grad school, and that is for a pretty modest/impoverished existence. Going to go jack off (takes the edge off).
I already have a nice tan, and it ain't even June yet. Shit totes cray.
So I found out yesterday that work is giving me a couple grand when I leave. Pretty cool.
Congrats man!
Then to top it all off, we discover that this girl's "fiance" is the baby daddy to my buddy's ex-girlfriend's daughter. WTFFFFFFFFFF
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