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I found out that this girl I once dated went through a brief lesbian phase, during which she fucked this crusty folk-punk musician I always referred to as "Chicken Pussy". Chicken Pussy made her way through the dive bars with this plastic purse shaped like a chicken, and she looked like that bird woman in Home Alone II. I also just found out Chicken Pussy was recently found OD'ed on heroin with her almost-dead child in the back seat. I can't believe I fucked a girl who...
I've found some very good mexican places in the Bronx.
Girlfriends are bad.
How do people afford this shit?
The "Meow Parlor".
low t...jesus fucking christ
I quit 79 days ago...really happy I've made it this far after smoking roughly a pack a day for five years.
I still have never had a martini.
Why do chick flicks make me cry?
It is probably the apple pie.
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