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I don't either, but for this, I'll make an exception.
I hate BBQ sauce...good bbq shouldn't need sauce
You going to join me for black brunch PB?
I want to go on a hike.
The story with the oil-change funnel, Tinder girl, and turning little chocolate chips into syrup.
I have a hardon for rings...I have like three now.
My comment was in reference to greenfrog. Buy clothes, wear them...no one cares about clothes in your closet
That's fucking retarded.
I actually have African and Native American blood in me...found that out when my sister did one of them "trace your ancestry" DNA tests.
The most I've spent on a pair of shoes is $250. The most expensive thing I've bought is $600. The most expensive thing I own is a fucking rock--a fossilized squid-like creature.
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