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So I was down in Chelsea the other night and my friend and I met these four hot, young Romanian girls who wanted to party as the bar was closing. My friend and I also had this fat Chilean girl with us. We got the Romanians to agree to come with us, but our only good option would've been for us all to back to the Chilean girl's house (she has a whole building), but she wanted to fuck me and knew that if we brought the Romanians there that she would've been in time out. I...
NYC has gotten better
I guess I've learned where I belong and where I don't belong. And I guess there is value in that.
Moving to NYC was a horrible idea. What I expected at grad school, and the reality that it is, are two completely different things. I feel that I was lied to, and that this institution misrepresented itself to me. I have until Tuesday to withdraw and get my tuition dollars back. It sucks, but I feel that this is what I need to do. What a huge mistake. My roommates are fine with me leaving; it's just a fucking huge setback in life--I've never failed this hard. I've...
Haven't came in two weeks
Enjoying my first beer on two weeks
I've joined a very weird school...
Head is shaved
I'm back
Ah...yeah...the rough and tumble life of biscotti
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