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Hard-boiled eggs make me want to fucking puke.
Everyone is so mean to me. My question is actually serious.
Pretty sure pirates don't use the term 'mate'.
Where do you piss/shit at Times Square during the NYE celebration? I'm guessing you just piss/shit your britches?
I always loved to mix all liquors, wines, beers together. Some vodka, some bourbon, a stout, a red wine, some bourbon, some vodka, a cheap beer...etc...etc...
So many inconsistencies with realty right here: A) I'm Catholic. B) I've never puked while drinking. C) You huff poppers, so you'd never need more than one.In any event, I no longer drink or smoke and so I really will have a nice, quiet NYE.
My plan for tomorrow night is that I will go to bed around 9 PM.
Falling asleep and blacking out are two very different things.
Meh, I've never seen myself running as any better or worse than anyone else on the trails. Not that I give a shit either way, I mean, I'm already thought of as a stuck-up asshole by so many anyhow, may as well add a few more towards the list.
Why? Also, I rarely run into people, especially now that it is cold. I hate running on pavement.
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