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I know.
I think I'd rather hang out with GREENFROG than anyone in my old town, now that's saying something.
man, all I wanna do is talk nerdy shit with someone. #lonely
So then bang her for funzies.
Why don't you just bang her brains out then? See how interesting things get and then cut contact.
Tell her you wanna put it in her butt and see how she responds.
I thought I wanted to be back in my hometown, and now that I'm here, I want to leave.
I am now officially a 3rd Officer, Of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans and Near Coastal Waters
My life is gonna be very hard for the next five years or so. if I survive, then shit will be real good.
Nah. Shit's always been rocky. I used to deal with it because she was so awesome to hang out with when things went well. Now, we no longer have any physical aspect to our relationship, she's no longer ever sweet or playful and I'm always expected to pick up the bill now and I'm never thanked.
New Posts  All Forums: