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I can't picture patrickBOOTH at 280 pounds...he's such a svelte, handsome man.
American Spirits...addictive free...ain't no nicotine in them!
No alcohol or cigarettes for me in the past 40 days. I feel so clean.
Southern accents are hot as hell--I wish I had a deeper accent. One day, I really want some backwoods girl with a thick accent and a gap between her front teeth
I too shove cereal up my asshole.
Living in a dorm and being fed is the easiest life imaginable. I love it.
Some of us have jobs that operate 24/7 everyday of the year.I've worked every Christmas and Easter the past three years (excluding this past Christmas), and I am a practicing Catholic. It surprises me how many grown adults do not realize everyone doesn't work a standard 9-5 office job with holidays off.
Brush better
Would fuck elf girl
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