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Well, when it rains it pours as they say. I'm talking with a publisher, and they are interested in my material.
No, I don't, and I don't think that should be a pre-req for receiving very-short term assistance by the government. I have, however, been gainfully employed and paying taxes most of my adult life. I'm not staying on medicaid for more than maybe two months tops?
To be frank, I've payed well enough into the system to benefit for a few months until my new insurance kicks in.
Medicaid card came in the mail, those anal warts are going bye-bye
It's a rough life out there, all soaked in booze full of women trying to squeeze you for every last cent, crushing hopes and dreams...
Nah, never offended, don't worry.
Jesus Christ man.
She has her own brand, interestingly enough, part of the name is "Feed Me".
So I ended up going on this online date with this girl named Sarah via Bumble App. Date seemed to go OK--she seemed fun, and then it got to paying, and we agreed to just split the check. She was cool with this, and then once the checks arrive she goes, "Oh no, I left my cards at home!" WTF, whatever, it wasn't expensive, so I just agreed to cover the God-damn meal. Well, this girl is an extreme weightlifter, and I find out from my others in town that this is her stunt...
So for 1.5 years, not only did I date a diseased, rather hairy and thick Eastern-Block quasi-feminine girl, but I also dated a complete dud in the mental development department. The great thing is, now that I am not with her, everyone who knew her in the engineering school all go, "Wait, you didn't realize she was a complete fucking retard?" Then I get, "Well, I would've told you, but ya'll were so cute together! I didn't want to ruin anything." Would've been nice to...
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