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interview with Victoria's Secret! !!!!!
it's amazing how much better I feel though with a clean break away from her. She isn't messaging me either...I think she realizes it's done done this time.
I can't wait to just get out and start work. This relationship has been retarded for too long--I've so overextended myself buying her shit trying to keep her happy...but, I think I've learned a life lesson or two (or twenty). Our relationship has pretty much been rocky from the get go, but the highs used to be high and the sex amazing. Now, no sex and good just means she isn't threatening to kill herself or completely belittling me. I'm not sexy enough...I'm...
No. Things have been pretty bad, so when she was in the shower, I looked at her phone. She was messaging a friend how her matches on tinder and bumble sucked and there was no one to meet up with.
No. she moved there on her own. I've been up in NY
Against my advice, my ex-gf took the job at my dad's company and is gambling with the drugtest. So she now lives in my hometown. I ended things with her last week after I found her on both Bumble and Tinder...she says it was out of boredom.
im single
I'm just really in a bind with this girl. Becomes more of a nightmare everyday. She's become a monster.
I don’t get myself anymore. I’ve become like the inverse emo kid…everyone understands me, but I can’t seem to grasp my situation and actually make the changes I need to.
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