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What's wrong with smoking? I smoke a pack a day. He actually has multiple BS degrees and a law degree from a top school. Dude is an arrogant fuck face who has never held a job longer than 6 months...he doesn't know how to properly interact with people. He has no interests, is fat, is ugly and is unkind. He treats my sister like shit, and all he does is watch TV. My sister has basically become his servant.
My sister's boyfriend is such a fucking loser.
So very much, god I hate trains
So fucking hard
I really have to piss
Patrickbooth thinks he is L'inc.
I'm fairly certain I'll die before retirement age anyhow.
I once had more than four bikes...road, beater, xc, comp xc, comp trials, training trials, beater trials and a vintage trials bike. I have only a road bike now, and a mountain of frames. I really miss trials.
One of my good friends claims that having two children saved him money. He says it wasn't until his twin daughters were born that he was able to finally kick his drinking habit--a habit that was costing him ~$500 a week.
I once allowed this girl to cut my back with my vegetable cleaver...honestly, it was very, very hot. She liked the taste of blood and lapped it up as it ran down my back
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