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Stage one interview went pretty damn well I'd say. Pay isn't exactly what I wanted, but quite good. But, for a job on land, I think it is pretty much spot on.
I used to go to this diner where Juanita always started cooking my standard meal when I walked. She had a penis necklace with a pullchord, when pulled the cock went to erect form.
feel like shit after six beers last night. ugh, that used to be pregame
I think I am like in a really awesome and exciting place right now.
If it wasn't a gay guy, it would have been someone else. It is weird she is now in my town though.
Interview tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous. Ive never done an interview over the phone before.
The old girl and I are done. She wanted a gay guy over me anyway
I think I want to date a circus performer, a goth clown type...I don't know, the type of girl who wears short hot shorts with her tits spilling out while taking her pet snake for an evening walk.
I am, but I'm not against taking a high paying logistics job either! Hell, think off all the free undies I might get.
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