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In olden times, I would sniff glues.
Fast food is too expensive IMO. Last time I went to White Castle, I spent $20, and I was still hungry.
I prefer to just fuck bareback style.
I think it is bad that gas prices are going down.
I once threw my phone with great force onto the sidewalk in some weird attempt to impress a big-titted goth girl. I thought that since it was gorilla glass that it would not break...I was wrong.
I feel like such a loser on StyleForum on a Friday. But I'm finally cutting my addictions out of my life, and I know if I go out and have fun that I will be tempted. And I will get intoxicated.
Yes, pussy is full of nerve endings I believe.
He is a pussy...
Last week you had low testosterone...
I don't understand why I ever began smoking--I am at day ten of quiting and absolutely miserable. I don't want to do anything except sit around and browse styleforum.
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