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Tell me more...baby...
I'm partial to it, but I guess it's the nostalgia in me--I do miss the old foil-wrapped Hersey bars.
Likely, you can get all those chocolates, as the bulk are manufactured in the USA by Hersey. Seems now finding the U.K. manufactured Dairy Milk bars amongst others will be harder to find. However, you can still get Hersey-manufactured Dairy Milk brand bars.Doesn't that make sense?
I make things up for questions. Otherwise, what good are they? It is pretty easy to figure out where I went to HS, etc.
Forecasts show 3-5 inches of snow for tonight. What's the big fuckin' deal man?
Is that really any worse than daily WAYWT fit pics?
She is not attractive.
"house ketchup"
The ads I see on here lately have all been for fatchicks "plus-sized" clothing.
Because of snow. My classes are canceled. Them big waves in the East River.
New Posts  All Forums: