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I guess I've learned where I belong and where I don't belong. And I guess there is value in that.
Moving to NYC was a horrible idea. What I expected at grad school, and the reality that it is, are two completely different things. I feel that I was lied to, and that this institution misrepresented itself to me. I have until Tuesday to withdraw and get my tuition dollars back. It sucks, but I feel that this is what I need to do. What a huge mistake. My roommates are fine with me leaving; it's just a fucking huge setback in life--I've never failed this hard. I've...
Haven't came in two weeks
Enjoying my first beer on two weeks
I've joined a very weird school...
Head is shaved
I'm back
Ah...yeah...the rough and tumble life of biscotti
Yup...in a lot of ways she's basically a sex worker
Anyway, eating avocado is cultural misappropriation
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