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I've seen smaller, but it was quite gross honestly--looked like someone plugged a vacuum to her asshole and sucked everything out. The points at the end of her ribcage where super prominent, and everything sunk in from there. She didn't look anorexic otherwise, but it was super weird and not very attractive at all.
Maple surp or nothin
I've seen smaller
Hahaha...what do you mean? I'm a pretty happy dude.
I thought step 13 was fucking new vulnerable alcoholic girls in the program. That is what my sponsor taught me.
I love going by the correct French pronunciation of my last name and correcting people...makes me feel like such a douche. I love it.
Im going to permanently begin talking solely like Jack.
Haha. One time I was apparently talking to two sorority girls and the conversation was dull at best. So I say to them "you two would look alright licking my asshole like an ice cream sundae cone". Said in jack Nicholson voice...they were mortified.
One time I ordered a negroni from a black bartender and I said, "I'm not racist, but I'd like a negro (pause) knee". Said all in jack Nicholson voice
Today is my birthday
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