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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse It's nice, but not $280 nice. What do you mean? I was interested in this bag - did you see it IRL?
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/c...ck-canvas.html there's a canvas one as well Where to kop?
Price drop to $170.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morinav Is BiG the only store that sells Somets? I've been looking to get a pair of 008's in 27 or 28, but they've been sold out for over a month now. Yeah, like the dude said above, you can get them at Context (see here), but to my knowledge you can't get the white ones anywhere else except BiG. Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 ^^ people who do this should be shot. You are a...
Somet lovers - I'm selling my Somet 012 white low-rise straight-fit jeans here. Sickest white jeans ever. Don't miss this!
Excellent condition (almost new) Somet 012 white low-rise straight-fit jeans in tagged size 28" (with an actual waist size of 30.25"). These are without a doubt the best pair of off-white jeans on the market. Better than RRL hands-down. Take a look at them on Blue in Green's website here, which is the only place to get these bad boys. I guarantee you tons of people will compliment you on your kick-ass new jeans. Everything about these jeans is fricken awesome: + 13.5oz...
+1 on measurements...
Awesome price for the SEXI08's. They're by far my favorite jean. Perfect fit IMO. If they were my size I'd instakop.
I lied - one more price drop. Couple more items added, too.
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