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Quote: Originally Posted by Psyren Anyways she's just cast, there is no mention that's she's the mother. This.
^ Congee Wong. Decent food.
My beef with Dundas and Spadina isn't even that the restaurants aren't squeaky clean. By and large, the food is just offensively bad as compared to what is available uptown. Every time I eat there I think, "These guys aren't even trying." You go uptown and you get better food for the same price. So all I go to Dundas and Spadina for now are the Vietnamese sandwiches. Has anyone tried Smoke's Poutinerie? Is it a tribute or an abomination to poutine? Better/worse...
Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall Gerolsteiner (which is nice and minerally too). My preference as well. Not as readily available as Pellegrino, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo That's like asking about a good Japanese place not staffed with Koreans, Chinese or whoever. The farce about those places is they all pretend to speak Japanese by greeting you with moshi moshi. I've always enjoyed Ematei, although I'm not a Japanese food expert by any means.
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo For Chinese, I go to Ambassador (suburbs in Markham) but if you have posh companions, I'd go for Lai Wah Heen. +1 on Ambassador. You won't find that quality of food with that atmosphere in the city IMO. I've never been to Lai Wah Heen, but they had better have some awesome food if their medium-sized dim sum is going for $6. Has anyone managed to track down a Vietnamese...
Quote: Originally Posted by intent You didn't notice Lily was gone for a few episodes last season, and they tried to hide her belly in every scene? They even used Alyson Hannigan's belly in one episode last season where she supposedly did too well in hot dog eating contest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kookz I think Beijing's new airport could be considered a destination simply for its sheer size. And the fact that it couldn't try any harder to be HKG.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Has anyone ever had an app stuck in "loading" on the iphone? It seems like it was something i was trying to install (can't even remember what), but the progress is stuck at's just there as an icon that I can't delete or move. I probably need to fix it by resetting but I was hoping to avoid that b/c I think i'll need to jailbreak or unlock it again, which I haven't read up on yet since I bought the phone already...
Not sure how anyone survives without the Lightsaber app.
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