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Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Yeah, I'm somewhere in between 17-18", I have a VERY small frame. +1 Too bad we can't build bone like we can muscle...
Not looking forward to winter, I would be a happy penguin in one of those Kiton shearlings. Is it available in both charcoal and brown? And what's the damage like?
Never wanted to be in Boston so bad.
What a sensational sartorial orgy! I'm going for broke hereā€¦
Looks like a great DB jacket. It's a shame the shoulders are probably an inch too wide for me. It would fit into my rotation perfectly. Somebody really should take advantage of this find.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast - RL Polo safari jacket is still available on here at the listed price. Somebody put me out of my misery and buy that beautiful Safari jacket!!!
^ you and me both
What kind of fit are they? And can you post measurements please?
I'm a little confused about the sizing. Is it a 38" chest?
That's one beautiful Borelli in my size. But sadly outside my budget.
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